King Charles’ tribute to the idea of ​​the people is not at all popular with the people

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The idea must have seemed to King Charles like an easy triumph of totalitarianism and modernity: to abolish the honor of peers—a staple of coronations for centuries, when royal dukes bend the knee and pledge allegiance to their feudal lord—with honors from the people”, which would involve frightening the populace with their “true loyalty”. to the King from their couches, scrolling with text on the screen.

Unfortunately, it seems no one thought to check people out first.

Turns out they’re not very excited.

Unsurprisingly, while some loyal monarchs will seize the opportunity to ‘shout out’ their loyalty at Saturday’s coronation, not everyone seems eager to accept the Archbishop of Canterbury’s offer to jointly say the following words: “I swear I will indeed pay homage to your majesty and to your heirs and successors in accordance with the law.” Help me, God.”

Labor MP Clive Lewis Tell the guardian that he believed the proposed section would be “either unwelcome or ignored by many”.

Republic, the anti-monarchy organisation, said it was “an offensive gesture that stigmatizes and demeans the people”, adding: “To ask the people to be loyal to Charles and his heirs is to take an oath of allegiance to Andrew. In a democracy the head of state must swear allegiance to us. This is an offensive, stigmatizing and demeaning gesture to the people “.

The internet, as is the general rule, was even more blunt, with comparisons to fascist and totalitarian states popping up amidst the outrage. The royals should consider what some people might picture themselves doing when the moment comes on Saturday.

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Online poll for the British Breakfast TV programme Good morning Britain It found 85 percent of respondents who clicked to say they would not participate.

Although the numbers are unscientific, it should have been totally expected for Charles, given that Polls show He’s not as popular with the public as his beloved mother, and his wife struggles with a popularity rating similar to Meghan Markle’s and only a few spots above Prince Andrew.

Speaking of Andrew, some commenters on social media bawled at the fact that #homageofthepeople (really), in asking for a pledge of allegiance to Charles’ heirs, were seeking allegiance to an entourage of not-so-distinguished characters, including Andrew, who is after all, Only eighth in line to the throne.

The Church was now forced to conduct a hasty damage-limitation exercise on behalf of the King, with the assurance that restitution was optional. No doubt the Republicans, and the easily embarrassed Englishmen and women, are thrilled by their assurance that they will not be sent to the Tower to keep them pressed on the Sabbath.

In a statement, the Archbishop of Canterbury said: “This is very much an invitation rather than an expectation or a request, as you can see from the Archbishop’s Preface to the Honor… Much like the national anthem, people should join in if it seems appropriate to them.”

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