Kovid: Filmed in action, the Italian nurse who pretended to be vaccinated with antivox is in custody

As Italy tightens its tone against those who are not vaccinated, it is suspected that nearly 46 people paid nurses not to be vaccinated. The antivox is said to have been identified and the nurse detained.

The Italian police have released footage taken by video surveillance cameras showing a nurse pretending to be vaccinating people against the vaccine and paying to get a valid health pass without being vaccinated.

This scene was filmed at the Covit-19 Vaccine Center in Ancona, Italy. The nurse has been arrested and is currently in custody.

According to the 7sur7 website, 46 people, including the lawyer involved in the case, were indicted. In total, they would have accumulated 18,000 euros a month.

The story comes when the country declares war on those who have not been vaccinated.

Under the new measures, which came into effect on Monday, those who have not been vaccinated against Covit-19 will not be able to go to restaurants, movies, swimming pools or sports clubs or take public transportation when schools reopen.

“Most of the problems we know today are due to the fact that people are not vaccinated.” Who “More likely to develop severe forms of the disease” And “put pressure on hospitals,” Mario Draghi told a news conference Monday evening, while the country recorded more than 100,000 new pollutants in 24 hours.

Italy also announced last week the vaccination obligation for those over the age of 50 from February 15.

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