Kurt Angle played hit songs on his return to Raw

WWE Hall of Famer brought Olympic gold medalist Kurt Angle back to Raw in his hometown of Pittsburgh last night (August 29).

Angle’s last few jobs in WWE haven’t been working out as intended. His run as Raw General Manager has provided some laughs because Kurt’s character was so inept even by wrestling the standards of a character of authority – and it gave us that This epic photo. But while playing idiot is one of Angle’s greatest strengths as a performer, it wasn’t the best use of legend. and every person, Including Kurtdisappointed with the angle of his retirement, which ended in a loss to Baron Corbin in the WrestleMania 35.

Everyone involved seemed determined to make sure this look of Angle was delivered in a way that those stories failed. He was involved in two angles/parts, both listening to classic moments from the heyday of his ruthless attitude/aggression era.

Street Profits’ win over Alpha Academy meant that Kurt did not have to join Master Gable & Otis. There was really no wrong way to go with this. If Angle’s been around for a while, a longer story with Gable (a believable man whose long-lost son is his ex-partner to the tag who played again opposite Angle) might be pretty cool. It doesn’t look like it will be, but we’ve learned that our Olympic champion isn’t a fan of any sort of drinking Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins in red individual cups. Instead, Kurt is chaotically enjoying his favorite drink.

We also got a reunion with half of the SmackDown Six, and Edge to recreate one of the most famous pieces in WWE history…

Sometimes giving fans a classic is just a good deed. In this case, it meant a lot to Angle and Pittsburgh and to wrestling fans around the world.

And that’s okay.

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