Kyiv condemns massive bombardment of nearly 70 Russian missiles on several cities, including the capital and Lviv

Cover Image: Damage to one of the Russian missiles that hit Q on 29 December. VALENTYN OGIRENKO / REUTERS

  • The military and the Ukrainian president condemned it strikes “big”of “More than 120 Russian missiles”Thursday morning in several cities across the country, including the capital Queue.
  • LvivIn the west of the country was a large city 90% without electricity Thursday after these new Russian bombings of Ukrainian energy infrastructure in the middle of winter.
  • Deficiencies in the Ukrainian electricity grid have worsened Operator Ukrenergo, the national manager of the electricity transmission network, announced on Wednesday that gas infrastructure in eastern Ukraine had been bombed. Facebook.
  • “Only some civilians” Bagmouth has moreUkrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky lamented Wednesday Facebook. 70,000 people lived there last year.He added without specifying the number of civilians still there.
  • Moscow’s embargo, 1 to practiceR February, Its price range for selling Russian oil to foreign countries No “Meaningless, but it has no practical meaning”Berlin commented on Wednesday.
  • Ukraine has purchased nearly 1,400 dronesModels designed mainly for reconnaissance missions, and plans to develop combat models to attack the explosive drones used by the Russians in their invasion of the country. Minister responsible for technologies of Ukraine announced.
  • The International Organization for Migration announced on Wednesday A statementThat she was going can help “Over 700,000 Ukrainians” Thanks to the humanitarian funding provided by the European Union during the winter.
  • French Armed Forces Minister Sébastien Lecornu met the Ukrainian president in Kyiv on Wednesday. After the meeting, Volodymyr Zelensky said telegram should be “Thanks to France for military assistance already provided to protect Ukrainian skies and strengthen capabilities of defense forces”.
  • said the head of Russian diplomacy to himself “faith” That Russia will achieve its goals in Ukraine “Patience”. on condition” Four regions [Donetsk, Louhansk, Zaporijia, Kherson] belonging to the Russian Federation”Sergei Lavrov insisted, noting that Moscow must ” Surely “ Capture these four territories that are currently not fully controlled by the Russian Army.
  • The War Research Institute believes so “Russian attack on Bagmouth has already reached its peak”. Its daily bulletin on 28 DecemberThis American think tank thinks that Russian forces “They cannot continue their attack any longer [à Bakhmout] and to take a defensive stance or take an operational hiatus”This does not mean the end of the fight.
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