kyiv now controls only a third of Bakhmout

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A Ukrainian tank near Bagmouth, late March. Sergey Shestak/AFP

Macron will definitely tell Beijing.AvoidIn support of the Russian initiative, the father of an anti-war Russian teenager was arrested, an American journalist was detained in Russia… Le Figaro Provides an update on Thursday, March 30 on the latest information regarding this War in Ukraine.

Ukraine now controls only about a third of Bagmouth

Ukraine now controls only a third of the city Bagmouth, the scene of months of violent and particularly deadly fighting in the east, Ukrainian presidential adviser Serhiy Lechenko said Thursday. “As established by international observers, Bagmuth controls about one-third of Ukraine“Serkhi Letchenko said during a conference broadcast on the president’s Telegram account. However, he denied that the city was surrounded by Russian forces, as a pro-Russian official in the east recently said.

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Wagner, head of the Russian paramilitary group, Evgeny PrigogineOn March 20, he said his men in the front line of the battle were “controlled.”about 70%By Bakhmout. This information was not previously confirmed by the Ukrainian authorities.

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Aerial view of Bagmouth. 93rd Mechanized Brigade “Kolotn / Reuters

Macron told Beijing he “must be avoided » To support the Russian war effort

French President Emmanuel Macron He is going to tell the Chinese leaders next week.must be avoidedTo support the Russian war effort in Ukraine, the head of French diplomacy, Catherine Colonna, said on Thursday.

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During Emmanuel Macron’s visit to China, European Commission President Ursula van der Leyen stayed with him.Let us remind (Beijing) that it is necessary to refrain from any action that would allow Russia to support its war effort.“, the French Foreign Minister announced in Vilnius, during a joint press conference with his Lithuanian counterpart, Gabrielius Landsbergis.

China, which has never condemned the Russian invasion of Ukraine, in February issued a “peace planto end the more than year-old war, but the United States and Europe are skeptical of Beijing’s ability to mediate. French President to visit ChinaClear messages“so”It reaffirms its connection to international law and respect for the principles of the Chartersaid Catherine Colonna of the United Nations. According to her, “In the interests of all nations (…) Russian aggression is failing“.

Fugitive father of teenage girl who resisted military offensive arrested in Belarus

A Russian man who was estranged from his 13-year-old daughter for drawing at college against an attack in Ukraine has been arrested on the run before being sentenced to two years in prison. BelarusRussian news agencies reported Thursday.

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54-year-old Alexei MoskalyovHe was arrested by the police“Belarusian near capital Minsk”As requiredFrom Russian officials, the Belarusian Ministry of Internal Affairs, quoted by agents. The case of Alexei Moskalyov, who was separated from his 13-year-old schoolgirl daughter Maria, whom he raised alone, is a symbol of the crackdown on opposition to the conflict in Ukraine, and is stirring up great emotion in Russia.

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The affair began when Maria Moskalyova drew a picture in class of a Ukrainian flag showing a woman and a child being fired at by missiles. The school principal immediately alerted the police and the schoolgirl was placed in a home while the father was placed under house arrest in early March. On Tuesday, a court sentenced Maria Mosgalio to two years in prison “Devalued” Army. But in the process, authorities announced that Maria Moskalyov had escaped from her house arrest and was thus on the run.

In a letter written by Maria Moskalyova, she said she supported her father, adding to the emotion after it was made public on Wednesday. “I love you so much, you have not committed any crime and I will always be by your side“Wrote the teenager who was placed in a house and forbidden to have any phone contact with her father. Another hearing is scheduled for April 6 to decide whether or not to limit Maria Mosgalio’s parental rights.

Russia: An American Journalist Detained for “Spying”

Russia An American journalist was detained on Thursday of Wall Street Journal He has been accused of espionage amid increasing repression since the attack against Ukraine. Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) announced the arrest of Ivan Kershkovich on Thursday and the Kremlin said he had been arrested “Active“, without proving his allegations. The case comes at a height of tensions between the US and Russia over the conflict in Ukraine, and Washington accuses Moscow of detaining many of its citizens for political reasons.

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Ivan Kershkovich, a thoroughgoing Russian-speaking reporter known for his harshness, denied the allegations against him. According to Doss, the case is closed “Secret», which strictly restricts the publication of information about him. The journalist’s lawyer, Daniel Berman, said he was unable to attend the hearing on Thursday. The only details available at this point are: The FSB has announced that there isIllegal activity was thwartedBy arresting Evan Gershkovich in Ekaterinburg, Urals, on an unspecified date. Russian security services say they suspect him.Espionage for America’s benefit“Specifically he was accused of gathering information”About an organization in the military-industrial complex» Russian.

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Russian invasion Ukraine A “menace” to Europe, Charles III warns

Charles III “Jupiter Returns”floggingA speech to German parliamentarians on war in Europe by referring to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, even if the Allies couldTake courage from their unity“…caused Russian war against Ukraine”Unimaginable pain to so many innocent people“, declared British sovereignty, the first monarch to speak within the confines of the Bundestag.

it is a “threatSecurity of Europe andOur democratic values“, he added in a nearly half-hour speech, held mainly in Germany, which ended with a standing ovation. The king particularly appreciated Germany’s supply of heavy weapons to Ukraine.

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