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Alain Finkelkraut talking with Claudie HunsingerTeacher

A dog on my desk And Cedric Sabin-DeforeIt appears

Its smell after rain : Two writers talk about the intense bond they had with their dog. Love for the man who shares their life also has its place, and these two texts are a spell.

“Ubach, that’s his name (finding the right name is an adventure), is not the central character of this book, Cedric Sabin-Defour, his master, much less. He doesn’t want to be considered a master. The hero is their bond. This bond is unique, obvious and, to those who explore it. , surpasses many relationships. This bond is incomprehensible and useless to those who are not motivated by the company of dogs.

Its smell after rainCédric Sapin-Defour, (ed. Stock)

“One evening, a young dog, dragging a dirty tale with his broken chain, appears at the door of an elderly couple: Sophie, the novelist, who loves nature and walks in the forest and her companion Creek, who has already left the world and sleeps. Read by day, read by night, Surviving in Literature.”

A dog on my desk, Claudie Hunsinger (Ed. Grosset).

“I read Claudie Hunzinger’s book with amazement. A dog on my table, and Cedric Sabin-DeFore, Its smell after rain. In fact, I learned there that dogs, these domesticated animals, have something to teach us and that going side by side with them can be beneficial if not beneficial.” Alain Finkelkraut

Who is the dog in “A dog at my table”?

“Yes, before the character came A dog on my table, First, my four-year-old, my five-year-old, at that age, when I was a little dog, I feel like I should have gone up more. Before being a little girl I was first a little dog. This little dog I had was at odds with my family, he was rude, sometimes hit, he stuck out his tongue at school, he bit his little friends. I think I learned the way out of human company from a small dog in the family, but I don’t remember. Claudie Hunsinger

“As a child, I remember that access to adults was especially the possibility of choosing this institution” (C. Sabin-Defour)

“We could have talked about dogs, we could have talked about animals, and here we begin this discussion by talking about Upac – because he is dead – a living, very living, deeply mentally ill person. Life, an interior, this is the herding dog of all the dogs I have ever met in my life. Not mine, it was always the question of other people’s dogs, family dogs, friends, passing dogs. Cedric Sabin-Defore

Give a name

“Yes: this name came to me as soon as this little dog came. I called her Yes, because she was sick, she was asking for help, she was on her back, and she revealed that she was a woman, so this Yes can be taken in different ways. This is the narrator’s Yes, “I’ll give you a yes, yes, I’ll take you, yes, we’ll make friends”. And then, it’s the feminine yes, the beginning of life yes.” Claudie Hunsinger

“Giving a name is very dizzying. You have to put a little bit of yourself, a little bit of your expectations, a little bit of your fear. I don’t have a spontaneous reaction, I don’t have. Yes Who came to me, I searched a lot, I passed a lot, I waited, it was a long journey. Cedric Sabin-Defore

“I have a personal story related to the mountains; the training of the mountains and the fact of enjoying the mountains, and this slope protected from the sun, for me it is called the inversion, the inversion also known as Ubac, when I shared my life with Ubac, that is a very appropriate name. I found, because it is a slope where you hide, where we observe the world without looking, but where we do not deny the clarity of the world, there they are. Cedric Sabin-Defore

“Dogs are the best humanitarians. They may be the last humanitarians.” (C. Hunzinger)

“This little dog’s life suddenly turned upside down, she moved her life, she pulled out the narrator, she pulled her out, taught her to walk again. Yes, you might think that this only happens here. Dog, but it does not only happen with this dog, Because I’m a writer, there’s always something at play between the dog over there and the human over there. Dogs are the best humanists and maybe the last humanists.” Claudie Hunsinger

“Sometimes it doesn’t take much to see the world differently, sitting on the ground, and suddenly, the earth becomes different, the creatures we meet get new perspectives, even the air I’ve spent a lifetime on the ground. , with great blows like friction, percussion on the ground, but this happy company, this humanity. I am trying to define what I miss so much today that this quiet company with the company, Ubac, is back on my feet. Put it on the ground”. Cedric Sabin-Defore

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