LIVE – War in Ukraine: Fire at oil depot in Sevastopol after drone strike


Interview with Prigogine

In a video released Friday, Wagner’s leader spoke of his fighters’ decision “in a short time.” A real prediction or threat to the Kremlin? We take stock.


Russian embassy in Poland “will fight back”

The Russian ambassador to Poland has warned that Warsaw intends to “retaliate” for its seizure of the building housing a Russian high school. In an interview with the Russian press, Sergey Andrey condemned the “illegal act” of the Polish authorities as “intrusion into the diplomatic base”.

The diplomat also pointed out that the school will continue its operation in another campus of the diplomatic mission. “Students will have an opportunity to complete the school year normally,” he assured.

Russian high school seized in Poland

Poland confirms to AFP it has seized the building of a Russian high school in Warsaw. “The building now belongs to Warsaw City Hall,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Lukasz Jasina said by phone. He noted that this was a procedure “recommended by the bailiff” on behalf of the municipality.

Russian high school seized in Poland

Poland, multiple media outlets with video support claim the building that houses the Russian High School in Warsaw. A decision Russia intends to challenge, warns Sergey Andrey, the Russian ambassador to Poland.

Ukrainian agricultural products

Ukraine says it has sent a note to Poland condemning the country’s “unacceptable” trade restrictions on Ukrainian agricultural products.

“Notes about the completely unacceptable situation (as a result) of trade restrictions on the import of agricultural products from Ukraine were sent to the Polish diplomatic mission in Kiev, one of the main representatives of the EU, Foreign Ministry spokesman Oleg Nikolenko said during the Russian invasion.

“The Butcher of Mariopol” goes to Wagner

Wagner’s fighters have a new leader. Mikhail Mizhintsev, nicknamed the “Butcher of Mariupol,” has been appointed first deputy commander of the paramilitary group, his employer announced.

Before joining the ranks of these ultra-violent militias, this senior officer of the Russian civil service was the Russian deputy defense minister responsible for logistical issues. Previously, he was also the head of the National Security Control Center, where he led troops during the siege of Mariupol.

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Bagmouth Soon in Russian Hands?

Russians may capture Baghmut soon. The Russian deputy prime minister paraded himself on the streets of the city, which has become the epicenter of fighting in eastern Ukraine and is said to be 90% controlled by Moscow’s armed forces.

Bachmouth: Russians close to victorySource: TF1 News

Five children died in Oman

While identifying bodies pulled from the rubble of an apartment building hit by a Russian missile in Oman, the Ukrainian interior minister announced that five of the victims were children, not the previously mentioned four. The death toll remains unchanged at 23.

Deadly attacks in Ukraine

British intelligence says it is “realistic” to think the Russian attacks, which killed around 20 people overnight Thursday-Friday, were an “attempted attack on Ukrainian reserve units and military supplies recently delivered to the country”.

In its daily statement, the Defense Ministry said Moscow “uses an ineffective targeting process” and considers “military targeting a priority” to the detriment of “preventing collateral damage, including civilian deaths.”

Fire in Sevastopol “under control”

“The situation is under control,” the governor of Sevastopol assured in a telegram, after the fire broke out at the oil depot. A total of 60 firefighters have been dispatched to the scene to douse the blaze, which is burning over approximately 1000 m² and is not expected to be brought under control till this evening. “Civil infrastructure is not threatened,” he added.

Quoted by the Russian press, he told reporters that a total of four oil tanks were damaged and “burnt” in the drone strike.

Towards the end of Wagner in Ukraine?

Russian fighters could soon be stopped, Wagner founder warns. In an interview with the pro-Russian channel War Gonzo, Yevgeny Prigozhin explained that “Wagner will be gone in a short time”. “We will be part of history, no need to worry, these are things that happen,” he told Russian blogger Seman Beko.

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The date the interview was filmed was not specified. It is impossible to know how serious this threat is. Wagner’s leader is actually known for his ironic speeches.

A new ammunition release for Wagner

In an interview with pro-Russian blogger Semyon Bekov’s channel, the boss of the Wagner militia warns of new ammunition problems. According to Evgueni Prigojine, his fighters would lose if they didn’t get more shells into Bagmouth.

Update on the situation

9am, a chance to give you an update on the highlights of the last 24 hours ↓


“Fear” of Counterattack

In His last analysis, the Institute for the Study of War (ISW) believes the “nerve center” of the Russian Defense Ministry is scrambling to find new leaders as fears of a Ukrainian counter-attack intensify. According to this military blog, the aim is to respond to the problems of ammunition shortages faced by certain troops.

If the hierarchy states that “Russian civil servants will rush to implement these changes,” then these measures are “unlikely” to actually change the way Russian forces react to a counter-Ukrainian offensive. Think tank.

Thick black smoke in Sevastopol

A thick column of black smoke was seen in the area surrounding the fire at an oil depot in Sevastopol. However, officials say the lack of wind is preventing “dark clouds from spreading over residential areas”. There are no evacuation plans at this time.

Interview with LCI

He wants Vladimir Putin to answer for his crimes. At the age of 95, Robert Badinter, the former Keeper of the Seals, draws an indictment against the President of the Russian Federation. Advocate was the exceptional guest of LCI this Friday.

Videos about the fire in Sebastopol

Here is a video of images of thick smoke billowing from the affected fuel storage tank at the port of Sevastopol. The geographic location of this fire has been independently confirmed.

Terrible fire in Sebastopol

A fire broke out at an oil depot in Sevastopol, which borders Crimea, after an attack by Ukrainian drones, local officials said. As a reminder, the headquarters of the Russian Navy in the Black Sea is located in this port.

“Reserved” targets according to Russia

Accused of attacking apartment buildings, Moscow bombarded “temporary deployment points of reserve units of the Ukrainian Armed Forces” with “high-precision weapons”. “All designated targets have been hit,” the Russian Defense Ministry said.


Volodymyr Zelensky condemned the Russian strikes, which particularly affected the “absolutely peaceful city” of Uman. “Every attack, every evil act against our country and (our) people brings the terrorist state closer to defeat and punishment,” the Ukrainian president responded in a video, demanding an international “response” to Russian “terrorism.”

26 people died after the Russian strikes

Russian cruise missiles hit apartment buildings in several cities in Ukraine. At least 23 people died in Uman, including four children, two more in Dnipro and a 56-year-old man was found under the rubble of his home in Kherson province. These are the first strikes of this magnitude since early March.

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