LIVE – War in Ukraine: Group Wagner begins withdrawal from Bachmouth



Japan launched fighter jets on Thursday after detecting two Russian spy planes near its coast, one over the Pacific Ocean and the other over the Sea of ​​Japan, the Japanese military said in a brief statement.

The incident comes days after Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky attended the G7 summit organized in Hiroshima, western Japan, and all members of the group reaffirmed their support. to Kiev in the face of a Russian invasion.


Denying news reports of impending shell deliveries to Ukraine, South Korea said its decision not to supply lethal weapons to the Kyrgyz remains unchanged.

The Wall Street Journal Hundreds of thousands of South Korean-made artillery shells are to be delivered to Ukraine via the United States under a “secret deal” between Seoul and Washington, he said Wednesday.


The diplomat was expelled

Russian diplomacy has announced the closure of the Swedish embassy in St. Petersburg and Russia’s embassy in Gothenburg, Sweden, from September 1 in response to the “policy of confrontation” led by Stockholm.

Russian diplomacy announced the expulsion of five Swedish diplomats in response to a similar move against Russian diplomats in April. Sweden is a candidate for NATO, a decision taken in the wake of the Russian attack on Ukraine.


Yevgeny Prigozhin, head of the Russian paramilitary group Wagner, said on Thursday that his men had begun transferring their positions in the town of Bagmouth to regular troops of the Russian army.

“We are in the process of withdrawing units from Bagmouth today. By June 1, most of them will move to bases in the rear. We are handing over positions, ammunition and everything they need to the soldiers,” he said in a video released by his news service.


Moscow raises its tone against invasions, losses in Wagner ... Update on the situation in Ukraine

Ukraine “Terrorized”

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Thursday accused Russia of “continuing to terrorize” Ukraine with its night strikes, announcing the destruction of 36 Russian drones overnight.

Moscow “continues to terrorize Ukraine” and has launched 36 drones over its neighbor, he said in Telegram. “None of them achieved their objective,” he said, thanking the country’s anti-aircraft defenses.


The Russian Security Service (FSB) announced on Thursday that Ukrainian “saboteurs” who planned attacks aimed at disrupting the operation of Russian nuclear power plants were arrested in Russia.

“A sabotage group of the Ukrainian Foreign Intelligence Service (…) attempted to blow up about 30 power transmission lines at the Leningrad and Kalin nuclear power plants in early May, causing a “shutdown of the nuclear reactors,” the FSB said, citing Russian news agencies as saying they had arrested two Ukrainians in connection with the attacks. said in a statement.

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Moscow-appointed local governor Sergei Aksyonov said six drones were shot down overnight on the Russian-annexed peninsula of Crimea from Wednesday to Thursday.

“Last night, six drones were shot down or intercepted in different districts of Crimea (…),” he wrote in Telegram. He said that there was no loss of life or injury in the incident.


Moscow will respond “very firmly” to new weapons incursions, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said on Wednesday, a day after a spectacular attack by groups from Ukraine on Russian territory. “We will continue to respond quickly and decisively to such actions,” he said.

The two groups, which fight on the side of Ukraine and claimed responsibility for the incursion into the Russian border area in the past two days, have hailed the “success” of their operation, which they say shows the weakness of Russian defenses.

Drone attack

Kiev’s military administration assured on Thursday that the capital’s air defenses had completely repelled a new “massive” attack by Russian drones, a “twelfth” attack on the city in May.

Russia “again attacked Kiev from the air,” Serhiï Popko, head of Kiev’s civil and military administration, wrote in a telegram, adding that an air alert over the city lasted more than three hours. “According to preliminary information, Shahed-type drones were employed in this “massive” attack,” he said.

“Ukraine’s guardian angels did not give a chance to aggression. All air targets flying towards Q were destroyed by our air defenses,” he said.


The United States on Wednesday announced the sale of advanced NASAMS missile systems to Ukraine for about $285 million to bolster the country’s air defenses against Russia.

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“Ukraine must urgently strengthen its defense capabilities against missile attacks and Russian aircraft,” the US Defense Cooperation Agency (DSCA) said in a statement.

The State Department has approved the sale, which has been notified to the US Congress, which has yet to get a green light.


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