Masahiro Sakurai is the newest creator to join YouTube

Masahiro Sakurai, creator of games like Kirby And the Super Smash Bros.He revealed his next big project: YouTube Channel. The hero of popular games joked that he was working on something new Earlier this weekAnd now you can smash your like button and subscribe to his new channel, Masahiro Sakurai on creating games.

As of this writing, there have been three videos: one of them All about the channelone cover What games Sakurai Work on (like one of the DS greats, METEUS), a deep dive on how to use Pause in game for some effects (Like the “stop clicking” moments you might see Smashing when punching down).

Sakurai, of course, is no stranger to appearing in the video; It was the first Nintendo Super Smash Bros. Presenter For years, you’ve been constantly finding ways to make the smallest details about new fighters super fun. Now this he did With the mammoth project that was Super Smash Bros. Game UltimatePerhaps not surprisingly, he’s moving on to a new YouTube video series.

Sakurai says we shouldn’t expect him to start streaming (unfortunately) — instead, the videos will focus on “topics like game development and what makes games fun,” he says in Video “About this channel”. It aims to make videos short, between two and five minutes in length.

He’s already joking that he’ll be able to show off some Smash Bros. The development builds and designs the documents he wrote, so it looks like we’ll get some rare peeks behind the scenes at the big Nintendo games. Although Sakurai manages his videos by Nintendo, he says the company is “not involved in this channel” and that the series is his personal project. He does not plan to include ads in his videos.

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Unfortunately, Sakurai also has to prepare for potential issues that other YouTubers are alert to. He says that if rights holders are unhappy with the footage he includes in his videos, “I will do what I can to make things right.” He also expressed some concern that because it uploads separate copies of each Japanese and English video, it might conflict YouTube Duplicate Content Policies It caused the videos to be deleted.

But as you’d expect with any YouTuber trying to launch a new series, Sakurai wraps up his talk about the video by asking viewers to hit the subscribe button. While he acknowledges that this is “something for me to ask on YouTube,” he says he won’t ask for it again in future videos.

Personally? I couldn’t hit the subscribe button fast enough. I even turned on the notification bell. The videos he has shot so far are great; I’ve never consciously thought about hitting a stop before, but now, I’ll look for it in every game I play.

after, after climaxI was satisfied Never ask Sakurai anything again. Now, I am eagerly awaiting the dropping of his next video.

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