Mélenchon continued to sign Taiwan despite criticism from the left

LFI’s leader was heavily criticized on the left for calling Nancy Pelosi’s visit to the island “provocative.”

Jean-Luc Mélenchon, President of the LFI, Nancy Pelosi’s visit to the island was criticized by the left as ‘provocative’Continues and signs on Saturday, reaffirming the use of the term “There is only one China“.

In a blog post on Thursday, amid tensions between Beijing and Taipei, he assessed, “The Chinese will settle the matter among themselves“, and”Taiwan is an integral part of China“, taking over the period protected by the Beijing regime, but denied by Taipei’s authorities.

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In a new post on Saturday, he says to himself”hit“by”Very strange reactions” and this “loud cryof his critics, “We do not want a new war front».

What kind of fear rules the debate? An active leader of Franco-Chinese friendship, Mr. Where is Rufferin? And who signed the UMP’s cooperation agreement with the Chinese Communist Party? And Fabien Roussel (National Secretary of the PCF, editor’s note), after his recent friendly visit to China? The bitterness of the former and the fearful caution of the latter baffle me.Jean-Luc Mélenchon writes.

And to reiterate his arguments:As for China I have only repeated the standard doctrine of our country (France, let’s remember) since 1965. There is only one China“,”It is regulated by international agreements adopted by our country and UN members“, and”China and the United States agree to respect each other’s sovereignty and territorial integrity“. further insists”His provocation was met with a cold reception in Tokyo and Seoul by Mrs. Nancy Pelosi.“.

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Mélenchon argues that “incommensurability

The former presidential candidate marvels at his criticsI think a thousand years of China will bow to their posture“, and indicates the risk of seeing Beijing”Unite closely with Russia“In the Making”A more homogeneous alliance between America and Europe based on enslavement and the risk of war “at any cost”“. “Macron’s France has abandoned participation in this world game“, he also laments, a “Incorrect alignmentFrom Paris at the center of his vision of international relations.

Although the Chinese embassy in France thanked him in a tweet, he defended himself by retweeting a sentence from his previous post: “Regardless of the scope and scale of criticism of the Chinese government, we must refuse to condone war on China to appease American views on Taiwan.“.

Within the left coalition Nupes, EELV’s national secretary Julian Payo on Friday condemned “A rather dated view“and”Real cynicism in geopolitics“From Mr. Mélenchon, Olivier Faure, President of the Socialist Party, “Nancy Pelosi’s decision to visit Taiwan is debatable, and the Taiwanese do not want to live in a democracy“.

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