More than 87,000 people died in Russia in November, a record

The Russian National Statistics Office released the death toll from Kovit-19 in November on Thursday. This figure is higher than reported by the government, signaling a new record in the country.

Russia recorded 87,527 deaths linked to Covit-19 in November, a monthly record set by the National Statistics Agency on Thursday, bringing its total death toll to more than 600,000.

Rossstad explained that the virus was the leading cause of 71,187 deaths. According to a recent report released on Thursday, these figures are far more than government figures, which are based on a more limited definition of deaths caused by the corona virus.

Govt accelerates population decline

Russia is one of the countries most affected by the epidemic, and this situation can be explained especially by the distrust of its people on vaccines. Despite several vaccines in the country, including Sputnik V, less than half of the 144 million Russians are fully immunized to date, according to the special website. Kokov.

After a severe crackdown in the spring of 2020, the authorities have refused to reactivate such a move, despite new epidemic waves, to contain the economic losses.

The deaths associated with the Govt appear to have exacerbated Russia’s population decline. According to Rosstat, the number of deaths is higher than the 945,000 live births in the first 11 months of 2021, up from nearly 575,000 in the same period last year.

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