Nick Jonas delights fans with an adorable photo with Priyanka Chopra and their daughter

Share a candid sweet family moment at home.

Nick Jonas And the Priyanka Chopra They enjoy being new parents to their baby daughter, MultiAlthough the couple are completely private, they sometimes share a glimpse into their home. life.

The 30-year-old singer and actor posted one of these rare selfies, and shared a love-filled moment with him family on social media.

The photo, which Jonas only captioned with a red heart, shows the “Close” singer lovingly gazing at his wife and daughter, while Chopra lies beside him carrying my malt on top.

As you might expect, everyone loved the post, with friends like the famous men’s nanny Marisa Machadoprivate chef Sammy OdellSinger and Producer Ryan Tedder They all leave sweet messages or emojis in response.

Many fans felt the same way, with one commenting, “The way Nick looks at Priyanka and the baby?”

Another wrote, “Beautiful family photo ❤️”.

Chopra shared the same photo on her Instagram profile as well, adding the caption, “Home ❤️🙏🏽💫🧿”.

Chopra has just returned from a trip to India in partnership with UNICEF. She shared a lot about her journey on social media, and talked about needing it education In India, equal opportunities for boys and girls.

The 40-year-old actress and activist shared a video showing the struggle of two young girls to get an education and support their families.

She wrote, “One of the groups of teens I met didn’t have the opportunity to start their education when they were supposed to, just because they were girls. But their perseverance paid off and at the age of 12 and 14 she is now learning how to read and write through the UNICEF-supported initiative, Development and Adolescent Empowerment (ADE) which focuses on 10,000 such girls in the state. These two girls financially support their families by working as domestic servants before and after school, the enthusiasm for learning is incredible.”

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