North Korea has announced that it is likely to test a nuclear weapon again

At a meeting of the Political Bureau, chaired by Kim Jong-un, on Thursday, January 20, North Korea discussed resuming its long-range nuclear and ballistic missile tests. The Korean president has said he is preparing “A long-running conflict” With the United States, the official North Korean company KCNA said.

“US hostility and military threat reach danger line no longer negligible” And meeting of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Labor Party “Ordered (…) Quickly explore the question of recovery “ The KCNA has stated that it will explicitly mention nuclear and long-range missile programs in all of its suspended operations.

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Two guiding tactical missile launchers

Kim announced a ban on nuclear and long-range missile testing in 2018, saying his goals had been achieved. But following the failure of talks with Donald Trump, he has already threatened to lift the ban.

During the meeting, which was chaired by Kim Jong-un, a report was presented examining the situation on the Korean Peninsula. “Orientation of Defensive Measures Against the United States for the Future”. According to KCNA, “The United States has slandered our state and made the pointless act of taking more than twenty sanctions.”.

North Korea has already advanced this year In many missiles, It seeks to strengthen its conventional arsenal, including two tactical guided missiles, while blocking negotiations from the United States.

Last week, Washington imposed new sanctions on Pyongyang, and North Korea retaliated by stepping up tests. “Legal Rights” For self-defense.

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