Nuclear war, bombing of Europe … Should we be afraid of World War III?

Nuclear war. After using the nuclear threat twice, Russia attacked the Zaporizhia power plant, is this another way to start a nuclear war? Will the conflict in Ukraine trigger World War III?

[Mis à jour le 4 mars à 16h52] If it is “alone and intentional” Vladimir Putin According to the declarations of Emmanuel Macron on March 2, 2022, “chose war”, there is certainly a risk of war spreading in Europe. Only Ukraine and Russia are militant in this conflict, not the EU or the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.NATO) At least not wanting to intervene directly militarily. These announcements reduce the chance of seeing a new world conflict erupt, but not everything depends on these systems, we can even consider it a twist. War in Ukraine It all depends on the results of the Kremlin master. On February 27, 2022, he issued a nuclear threat to Ukraine and, therefore, to Europe, with the warning of the “Russian resistance forces”. A press conference on Thursday, March 3: “I draw your attention to the fact that World War III could only be nuclear, but it is in the spirit of Western policy and not of Russian policy.”

Many argue that the hypothesis of a nuclear attack acts as a deterrent rather than a real threat. But the nuclear danger is no longer just caused by the launch of a nuclear bomb, it could also be caused by the attack on the nuclear plant and the events of Friday, March 4th. Zaporizhia Nuclear Complex Has caused concern in Ukraine. The fact is that a Russian missile crashed in the administrative area of ​​Europe’s largest power plant, but fortunately did not hit any reactor and the nuclear explosion did not go far. Did Moscow carry out a voluntary attack too close to the nuclear reactors? Is it for defensive purposes or does it reflect the possibility of a severe attack by a nuclear weapon without launching a Kremlin warship? Until then, the Atlantic Coalition had reduced the risks of a nuclear attack, described by US President Joe Biden as a “useless and dangerous provocative rhetoric” or as a “useless and unequal” threat by a spokesman for the French military ministry. Grangein. With these new elements, will the situation change and the possibility of a general war change drastically?

Is the risk of a nuclear attack in Europe real?

The nuclear threat reached a climax on Sunday, February 27, when the Kremlin’s master announced that “preventive forces” were on high alert. However, the United States has confirmed that after the speech of Vladimir Putin, no suspicious or “concrete” movement was identified to prepare for such an attack. Physically, Russia has the capability to arm nuclear missiles with more than 6,000 warships and bombs, submarines and substantial armaments, but again, satellite images show no strategic movement. The war in Ukraine is concentrating the bulk of Russian military operations, but Moscow has already launched several airstrikes on the Eastern European country and the Kremlin has nuclear-capable missiles, so the risk is still there.

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Russia’s ability to carry out a nuclear attack is not intended to cross the Red Fort. Experts believe that the threat serves as an argument for establishing a political threat and forcing itself into a dominant position in the conflict against Ukraine, especially before the start of the talks scheduled for Monday, February 28, to prevent the West from interfering in the Russian language. – Ukrainian relations. Vladimir Putin would have implicitly warned Europe and the United States that he would “set aside the option of using nuclear weapons in the event of military intervention in the conflict with Ukraine,” according to Raphael Lass, an expert on nuclear theory issues. Interviewed at the European Council for International Relations France24.

Is Russia willing to launch a nuclear attack?

If the material threat is real, a nuclear attack from a strategic point of view would be detrimental to Russia in many ways. Massive military action and the siege of Kiev reflect the Kremlin’s intentions, seizing power from the Ukrainian capital, and the Russian government refining its intention to “keep the peace” and liberate the “Ukrainians” internally. The Nazis in power. ”A nuclear attack on Ukraine is tantamount to annihilation of the country and is contrary to Putin’s plan, especially in the eyes of the Ukrainian people. The Russian leader is not highly valued. It restricts nuclear power to four events that threaten effective nuclear weapons against Russia.No such insult was uttered by the Kremlin to Ukraine or Europe or the United States, the latter two confirming that they did not want to go to war with Vladimir Putin.

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Beyond its military interests in Kiev, Moscow must deal with other nuclear powers regardless, if they are at the forefront, taking a position in favor of Ukraine and providing it with financial and material support. If Vladimir Putin chooses to launch a nuclear attack, he will present himself as an aggressor and expose himself to the economic and military retaliation of the West, forcing him to isolate Russia internationally, even nuclear if he attacks Europe.

Was Europe at war with Russia?

“We are not at war with Russia,” he said Emmanuel Macron In his speech on March 2, 2022 on behalf of France and Europe in general. No Western power plans to take a direct part in the conflict in Ukraine, but all have taken a stand in support of Kiev and are arranging to provide financial assistance and logistical and military support to the country. The European Union has released 1. 1.2 billion in support of the Ukrainian economy, a historic decision to provide Ukraine with up to 450 million euros in the supply of military artillery, including lethal weapons. These declarations, dated February 28, demonstrate that the EU is not neutral and is playing an indirect role in this war. France, for its part, has sent military troops to NATO bases in neighboring Ukraine, such as Romania.

Europe justifies the necessary support to provide this assistance to Ukraine, which has been wounded in the face by Russia’s Armada, and insists that these actions have not been taken against the Kremlin. Otherwise, Moscow, accustomed to rewriting history in its favor from the beginning of the Ukrainian invasion, could use this argument to launch attacks on Europe.

Will the attack on the nuclear plant mark the beginning of a nuclear war?

The hypothesis of nuclear war has so far only been considered by nuclear attack. But on Friday, March 4, 2022, Russia launched an attack on Ukraine’s Zaporizhia nuclear power plant, the largest in Europe. If the nuclear complex were attacked and exploded, it would be “ten times worse than Chernobyl,” Dmitry Kuleba, the head of Ukrainian diplomacy, said on Twitter. The effects of a nuclear explosion could lead to international sanctions against Russia or the country responsible for the attack across Ukraine’s borders. However, is it really possible for Vladimir Putin to take the risk of exposing his own country, Ukraine’s, to radiation hazards? The strike on Zaporizhia, like Moscow’s verbal threats, will serve a preventive purpose. The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) spoke quickly after the destruction of a section of the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant and called for “a halt to the use of reactors and a great deal of danger if the reactors were damaged.”

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Will the war in Ukraine trigger World War III?

After the occupation of Ukraine on February 24, 2022, only Russia and Ukraine participated in the fighting. The United States and Europe have repeatedly stated that they do not want to take part in the military coup and go to war against the Kremlin. The origin of the conflict, however, is nothing but the desire of Ukraine, the former Soviet Union, to stay close to NATO and the European Union, the two organizations represented by the Western camp. The war in Ukraine crystallizes the rivalry of the Cold War, which returns to the front of the stage. Vladimir Putin saw the NATO-EU alliance in Ukraine as an aggression and threat against Russia, which confirms the re-emergence of this West / East conflict.

However, NATO and the EU have shown no interest in complying with Ukraine’s demands and in integrating the country with their members. Kiev is only defending the idea and using the Russian offensive against it to call on Europe to reconsider its verdict. Volodymyr Zhelensky, The President of Ukraine signed Ukraine’s application to join the European Union on Monday 28 February 2022 and delivered a stern speech in the European Parliament the next day: “Europe will be very strong with Ukraine on its chest (…) Without you, Ukraine will stand alone. We have proved our strength, we We have proved that you are equal (…) so prove that you are with us and you are not going to bring us down “. Although the European Union continues to renew its support for Ukraine, it has not yet accepted its request. 27 people know that accepting Ukraine’s integration will allow Vladimir Putin to launch an attack on Europe and provoke a global war.

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