Number 3 of Hamas's armed wing was killed in an Israeli operation, the US said

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The White House announced Monday, March 18, that a third member of Hamas' armed wing was killed during an Israeli military operation in Gaza last week. Marwan Issa was killed during an Israeli operation last week.The US administration's national security adviser, Jack Sullivan, made the announcement during a press conference.

The Israeli military says it has “killed” 20 Palestinian militants in al-Sifa hospital. The Israeli army launched an operation at the hospital, calling on people to evacuate the area. She also mentions “Dozens of arrested suspects are currently being questioned.” He had earlier announced that he had killed Fayq al-Mabou “Hamas Responsible for Coordinating Terrorist Activities in the Gaza Strip”.

Tanks and strikes nearby. This military operation should be initiated “Hundreds of people, mostly children, women and the elderly [à] run away from their house” towards the rest of Gaza City, the AFP journalist noted. The reporter also said he saw airstrikes on several buildings around the hospital. Neighbors confirmed that “More than 45 Israeli tanks and armored personnel carriers” had entered the neighborhood.

“We will bring back all the hostages,” promises Emmanuel Macron. The head of state spoke on Monday evening during a dinner for the 80th anniversary of the Council of Representatives of Jewish Organizations of France (GRIEF). “France strives and will work tirelessly for liberation [des trois otages français], regarding all hostages still held by Hamas. The hostages we want to bring back, we will bring back.” He announced from Elisha.

It was the first call between Joe Biden and Benjamin Netanyahu in over a month. US President and Israeli Prime Minister “Recent events in Israel and Gaza, including the situation in Rafah and efforts to increase humanitarian aid to Gaza” The White House said in a statement. Joe Biden believes the Israeli military will launch a major ground offensive in Rafah “a mistake”And he told the Israeli prime minister to be there “deep concern” In this case, according to those around him.

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