October 7: A photo of a young Israeli woman dead and naked in a Hamas pick-up was named “photo of the year” – the photographer undoubtedly knew about the attack in advance.

This is the price that provokes anger and rage on social networks. The Associated Press (AP) news agency won first prize for “Team Picture Story of the Year,” thanks in particular to an Oct. 7 photo of young Shani Luke's half-naked body in the back of a Hamas pickup truck. After she was brutalized and kidnapped at the Noah festival.

One photo went around the world and already sparked a lively controversy because it suggested that its author, Ali Mahmoud, who was at the site, knew about the attack in advance and did not inform anyone as the unprecedented carnage was being prepared. .

Last month, Luke's parents and other victims of Noah's massacre sued AP and Reuters for hiring photojournalists who allegedly accompanied them during the terrorist attack. They said the news agency ignored the photographers' close ties to terrorist organizations.

“We have found no evidence that the independent journalists who contributed to our coverage were guilty of such acts,” the agency responded.

He was on a world tour on #7th October. In response, her family asked us to share photos of her happy and smiling so that Shani would be remembered as a woman who loved life. But the world's biggest photo magazine “competition” actually won this horrible photo a “precious prize”, thus trampling on the wishes of the family…rewarding a photo of a war crime against humanity is truly shameful and disgusting!

Others explain that paying this price for this photo is “unethical or inhumane”.

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