Omigron: What is this new symptom that affects patients at night?

Researchers have discovered that Omicron could have a new effect on people affected by a new variant of the full expansion around the world. It happens at night.

Causing more infections, but less serious cases, the Omigron variant has amazed scientists and physicians alike. In South Africa, Dr. Unben Pillai, using a conference organized by the Ministry of Health, revealed that the affected population is suffering from a new symptom: night sweats.

“We have seen a sharp increase in cases over the last ten days,” he said, reports Free afternoon. So far, he said, the effects mentioned are often similar to those of a dry cough, fever or body aches. The night sweats were already there, but very mild like the other symptoms.

The most unpleasant, night sweat is the time when a person sweats profusely while sleeping. This event inspires her to wake up with wet clothes and sheets.

Yes the Variation Delta It can also cause night sweats, and this symptom is less common than Omigran. It is mainly characterized by sore throat, severe fatigue, muscle pain such as stiffness or rash, especially in children.

The delta, which has a majority variation in France and many other countries, is gradually giving way to Omigron. Health Minister Olivier Véran predicts that the latter will prevail in early January.

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