Oscars ‘Don’t Worry Baby’ Chances: Florence Pugh and Harry Styles

There’s no denying that Olivia Wilde could get the movie out of Hell. And with her latest behind-the-camera effort, “Don’t Worry Baby,” the actress-turned-filmmaker is building a thrilling, suspenseful thriller.

It’s a movie that should resonate with movie-goers, who might come to watch an easy on the eyes set that includes Florence BogeAnd the Harry Stiles and Chris Pine. To say the least, it’s a movie that will continue to generate a lot of conversation (there are already plenty of headlines ahead of release, some about the movie itself). However, like most popcorn thrillers, the chances of the Academy checking the movie on the ballots are as elusive as the movie’s attempt to make Harry Styles look unattractive in one crucial scene. Nice try, but I don’t buy it.

The final product is a variety of high-octane thrillers, similar to “Gone Girl” (2014), which garnered one nomination for its lead actress, Rosamund Pike. Pugh, a former candidate for Little Women, has the most showy role as a suburban wife who begins to doubt her own reality, and there will be advocates for her, but the shortcomings of the script will make her from the outside look inward.

Any Oscar love will likely come from Ariane Phillips’ glamorous outfits and cinematographer Matthew Lipatek’s sensual framing. But even those look like heavy lifts for Warner Bros. The studio behind the film.

The band is full of talented artists and A-list stars. Pine does his best supporting cast as a mysterious, teacher-like character, while Styles shows he’s capable of acting. However, if Styles finds a path to award recognition, it will most likely be his minor role in Amazon Studios’ “My Policeeman,” depending on his category rating.

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And it’s not just showing Wilde that she’s the real deal as a director. She reminds viewers that she is a great actress when given the right role. As a cocky neighbor with some dark secrets of her own, Wilde has quite a few knockout scenes. She won’t be nominated, but it’s great to see her come back to the level after her work on ‘Meadowland’ was overlooked.

Bottom line: You can cross “Don’t Worry Baby” off your Oscars lists.

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