Paris calls on the Jewish state to end its military operation in Rafah “without delay”.

A US report condemns Israel’s use of weapons, without questioning their deployment

The United States has criticized Israel’s use of American weapons in the Gaza Strip, but failed to conclude that the Israeli military violated international humanitarian law by not stopping their ship, according to a long-awaited Defense Department report.

“The nature of the conflict in Gaza makes it difficult to assess individual incidents or draw conclusions”A report to Congress states. “However, given Israel’s substantial reliance on US-made defense equipment, it is reasonable to assess that the equipment has been used by the Israeli Defense Forces since October 7 in cases inconsistent with its obligations under international humanitarian law.”The report continues.

However, there are some “Serious Concerns”Countries that receive US military aid have provided “Ensure reliable and trustworthy enough to enable continuous supply” weapons, the report concludes, which was delayed for several days due to discussions within the State Department.

It comes shortly after President Joe Biden publicly threatened to cut off certain types of weapons if Israel launched a major offensive on the crowded city of Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip, which he countered.

In February, the US President himself ordered the State Department to investigate whether countries involved in serious conflict and Israel, including Israel, benefit from US military aid. Besides Israel, six other countries receive US military aid: Colombia, Iraq, Kenya, Nigeria, Somalia, and Ukraine.

The assessment, however, does not call into question the US decision last week to freeze arms and ammunition exports to Israel over fears they could be used in the Rafah attack.

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The second part concerns humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip, which is on the brink of famine after seven months of war. Here too, if America is to be believed, it is through Israel, the report says “His acts or omissions” They did not conclude that the Israeli authorities deliberately contributed to the current humanitarian disaster “Prohibited or Restricted” Distribution and transportation of this aid.

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