Pixel phones are getting the second April update with a fix for the widespread network issue

Rita Al-Khoury / Android Authority

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  • Google is rolling out a second April update for Pixel phones to fix network and connectivity issues.
  • The update is already available on the Verizon network and will be rolled out to all Pixel users over the coming weeks.
  • Affected Pixel users can also download the OTA package now.

Pixel users can expect a second update in April with a fix for the network and connectivity issues plaguing their devices. The update began rolling out to Pixel 8 and Pixel 7 devices on Verizon late last week. The carrier has also been published Change log This confirms that the new April Pixel update “provides performance improvements for LTE calls/data and network issues.”

A few weeks ago, we investigated widespread reports of Google Pixel 7 and Pixel 8 series owners complaining of network-related issues after the March 2024 update. Users said their phones were randomly not answering calls and that text messages arrived in batches throughout the day. We have reached out to Google several times for an official response but have not received an update from the company.

Now, Google is also said to be sending emails to affected Pixel users acknowledging the network and connectivity issues and informing them of the upcoming fix.

“We've begun pushing the update to Pixel 7 and later phones. This includes network stability and performance improvements. This update will be rolled out globally to affected regions and carriers over the coming weeks,” Google wrote in an email to Pixel 7 and later phones. Reddit user.

“The connectivity and reception issues that appeared recently have been fixed so far,” one user said.

“I downloaded it a couple of days ago and there are no issues receiving calls and messages at the moment. Fingers crossed for it,” another said.

If you haven't received the new April update as an OTA update on your Pixel devices yet, you can download the package manually from here. Our guide provides instructions on OTA sideloading.

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