PlayStation gives senior Stars members a ‘priority’ customer support

Players in Japan have one-sidedly expressed dissatisfaction with the newly launched game Play Station Star loyalty program, which offers better customer support for players at the highest levels.

playstation stars, Coming to the West later in Octoberallows players to earn rewards by completing a variety of campaigns and activities.

The program also has a four-level system, where all players start at level 1 and can work their way up to level 4 by buying games and earning prizes.

However, some users are upset that Level 4, which was unlocked after purchasing four full-price games from the PlayStation Store and winning 128 rare prizes, rewards players with improved customer service.

according to SonyLevel 4 perks include collectibles, and a promise that “when you contact PlayStation Customer Support, you will be given priority in the Chat Ranking.”

This basically seems to mean that Level 4 PlayStation Stars members can skip the queue when contacting customer support with an issue.

After the Japanese Automaton site He mentioned this on TwitterMany followers expressed frustration with the feature, and some pointed out that good customer service should be a standard rather than something you have to pay for.

“Customer support should be equal,” Twitter user Akutarus He said. “There are people who like and play some titles, and there are players who can’t stand the money or the time.”

user koshifurinyodo Also, suggest that customer support be directed instead to newcomers who are most likely to encounter problems.

“You say the more you play it, the more you prioritize customer support,” they wrote. “But the more you play it, the less you use customer support. There is just something about it. You have to prioritize beginners who are new to the game.”

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User gassyii said: “If you level up based on time played or something, that’s fine, but you’re less likely to get a good response to rank it based on how much shipping you pay.”

PlayStation awards senior members with Stars
Tier 4 layer prioritizes players when contacting customer support

“I don’t think it’s a good idea to prioritize customer support,” he added. yossy_44. I only bought a PS5 for Final Fantasy 16 Is it okay to set someone like this aside at a later time? “

Others pointed out that PlayStation Stars would have been more useful had it been launched in the last generation, as it would have given a legitimate way to ensure die-hard Sony fans would be able to buy PlayStation 5.

“If this functionality was first introduced 10 years ago, giving people with a high level of priority access to buy a PS5, then the resale wouldn’t be as bad as it was,” Twitter user Battlefield 18 He said.

Following today’s Asian launch, PlayStation Stars will be released in the Americas on October 5, and in Europe and Australia on October 13.

It is not yet clear whether the same privileges will be available to Western users once the service is activated in their region.