Pokémon x Elden Ring Mod looks better than scarlet and violet

A distorted look at Koraidon while he was wearing his school uniform.

screenshot: Aristame

Scarlet Pokemon And the Violet is a pretty ugly game, a fact that has remained undisputed globally since the game launched in November. One of the modders solved this problem in an unusual way: by turning Pokemon into Elden ring Calling in the lands between.

Summons are spirit-like companions that you can summon Elden ringmaking your personality Somewhat Like a Pokemon trainer if you really think about it. And the new summon looks great! The atmospheric lighting does a lot of favors for Pokemon Baldea, which didn’t really get a chance to shine due to its awful S/V graphics.. And the Pokémon Centers look even more intimidating once Moderator has moved them to a giant top walking shrines. The Pokemon is huge enough to feel threatened, and that was it Before I realized that only Meowscarada Boss stabbed through the chest. You thought being chased by Bicharp in Baldia was bad? At least they don’t execute you. Or maybe wildlife makes it easier for you carmine And the Violet for being a child. Once you reach adulthood, it’s open for season.

Here’s my favorite part of the mod: It uses the texture of the clothes from carmine And the Violet. This means that Milena and the Tarnishedes are running around in school uniforms that fit awkwardly to their adult bodies. So every shot that features human characters makes me feel like I’m watching someone’s fever dream. Kotaku I reached out to the moderator to ask whether or not they intended to release the Paldea Ring to the general public, but had not received a response by the time of publication.

Is it fair to compare a Nintendo Switch game to a multi-platform AAA game, especially one it was in development for five years? Mostly not. But the trailer is so well-made that I find myself saddened by what happened Mythology: Arceus And the carmine And the Violet It could have been. I’m not alone in this. “That’s what I thought at twelve years old Pokemon It will look like in 2020 ” 1 Twitter user. “That is exactly what it is Pokemon Violet Scarlet It should have been,” he wrote else.

It’s easy to see why fans would react this way. Scarlet and Violet released last year as a buggy mess. Background NPCs stuttered for no reason, Pokémon crisscross the ground, and the camera didn’t always follow the player. Personally, I think the biggest offense was to be an ugly game. There was very little visual coherence tying Baldia together. Environment design clearly wasn’t high on the priority list when the game had much bigger technical issues working against it.

I understand why Game Freak never released a game where you can actually pit Skeledirge against other trainers. But please: I’m just asking for some spooky mood lighting and better materials.

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