Putin is afraid to be killed, and we are getting close – the Defense Intelligence Agency of Ukraine

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin tops the list of “candidates” for getting rid of the Ukrainian special forces, and the reason the Crimean bridge has not yet been destroyed is to give the Russians a way to flee the peninsula.

source: Vadym Skipetsky, deputy head of defense intelligence at the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, in an interview with the German publication Alertquoted ukrinform

Quote from Skibitskyi: “he [Putin – ed.] He notices that we are getting close to him, but he may also fear being killed by his own people… He is only now beginning to stick his head out, and if he does, we cannot be sure that it is really him.”

details: When asked if the Ukrainian Defense Intelligence Agency was behind the attacks on Russian propagandists, Skipetsky said they were not important targets; The priority of the Special Forces is to destroy the unit commander who ordered his men to attack. He said that the Ukrainian secret services in particular are trying to eliminate the leader of the Wagner Group, Yevgeny Prigozhin.

Skibitskyi also added that defense intelligence closely monitors all movements, command posts and front line locations.

In addition, he emphasized that the attacks on critical infrastructure facilities on Russian soil are the work of various Ukrainian agencies. This is done in order to interrupt the supply chains of the occupiers.

As far as temporarily occupied Crimea is concerned, Skibitsky said there is not a lot of critical infrastructure that could be destroyed to prevent arms deliveries.

However, he noted that there are intelligence representatives and partisans who are “quite capable of striking.”

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Skibitsky noted that the The Crimean Bridge is still standing because Ukraine wants to give Russians a chance to flee the peninsula.

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