Roofs of footage of LeBron James praising Tallinn Horton Tucker for playing selfish during a match against the Raptors

Los Angeles Lakers Superstar LeBron James He expressed his anger towards his teammate Taleen Horton Tucker Monday night for what he considered a selfish play by the bouncer.

The Lakers ended up losing to the Toronto Raptors at home, 114-103, and have continued a frustrating streak over the past few months as the Lakers lost 20 of their last 28 games.

The 37-year-old has no qualms about making angry remarks to his teammates over fouls on the court.

In this particular case, it can simply be attributed to the momentary frustration associated with the Lakers’ troubles on the field. This is because James has describe it Horton Tucker as a player gained his confidence late in the close matches.

With the Lakers forward Anthony Davis Still rehabilitating his recent injury, James has shouldered the brunt of trying to lead the team beyond the season.

In the Raptors’ loss, James finished the evening leading the Lakers with 30 points. Horton Tucker had the team’s second-highest score of 20 points per night.

The challenge of making it to post-season is a far cry from James and the Lakers’ goals at the start of this season.

with the guard Russell Westbrook Joining the team during the sabbatical, the Lakers were seen as one of the favorites to win the 2022 NBA title. With a 29-39 record after Monday’s loss, just getting a chance to make it to the playoffs is the team’s main focus.

It’s also possible that James’ frustration was exacerbated by the challenge the Lakers faced through the end of the month. They will begin a four-game wild ride on Wednesday night against the Minnesota Timberwolves and play seven of their next eight games away from home.

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