Russia says sanctions will bring down the International Space Station

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09:26 : JoJo: Hello. So far, I have not seen any international reaction About the boss of the Russian space agency. Note, however, that NASA had already stated on March 1 that it was working on solutions to keep the station in orbit without the assistance of Russia, which has so far handled the task.

09:26 : Hello! Sounds like good old blackmail. What will be the reaction of the West? Thank you for your life from the beginning of this crisis

09:21 : Warning sirens continue to sound on the ground and across the country, including Kiev, Odessa, Dnipro and Kharkiv. Russian forces are stationed around Kiev “The enemy is still blocking Mariupol”According to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, he hopes to get food, water and medicine there today.

09:14 : “The Russian section [de l’ISS] Ensures the station’s orbit is repaired, including avoiding space debris. “

Roskosmos has called for the lifting of Western sanctions against Russia. According to the agency, the operation of Russian ships supplied by ISS is at risk of disrupting the Russian part of the station, which is specifically used to adjust the orbit of the 500-tonne giant. It can cause “ISS trench or landing”She believes.

09:08 : Here is the first information from this weekend:

ைகள் Will sanctions on Russia endanger the International Space Station? Russian agency Roscosmos poses a risk“Water Descent” Or“Landing” Due to the potential disruption of the Russian part of the orbital structure, it was forced out of the ISS. Follow Our life.

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