Uber will add temporary surcharges on rides and food deliveries due to the rising cost of gas

As the price of gasoline continues to soar to record levels across the country, Uber announced Friday that it is adding additional fuel fees to trips and food delivery orders.

Depending on the location, a fee of 45 cents or 55 cents per ride will be added for rides, and 35 cents or 45 cents for Uber Eats food delivery orders for 60 days beginning March 16, Lisa Winship, chief driver operations for the US and Canada, said in a statement. press release.

Winship added that the additional cost will depend on the location and length of the trip, with “100% of this money going directly into the workers’ pockets.”

“We hope this temporary measure helps ease the burden, but we will continue to listen to feedback and may make changes in the future.” She said the passenger carrier would reassess the need for the surcharge after 60 days.

As of Friday, the average price of a gallon of gasoline in the United States was $4.33, up 53% from the previous year, according to the AAA. The average price per gallon reached a nationwide high of $5.72 in California on Friday, compared to $3.78 a year ago, Show AAA data.

During his annual work Country address On Tuesday, Governor Gavin Newsom announced that he would propose legislation to ease rising gas prices for Californians.

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Newsom had previously proposed suspending a gas tax increase scheduled for July. “Obviously we have to go further,” Newsom said Tuesday night.

“That is why, working with the legislative leadership, I will be making a proposal to put money back into the pockets of Californians to counter rising gas prices,” he said.

Newsom has not since provided any further details of his proposal to offset higher gas prices.

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