Santa has given exactly 7,623,693,263 gifts this year

One Variation Omicron, The flight crew tested positive, and this is the bulk of global aviation.
Nearly 6,000 flights have been canceled When thousands of flights around the world are delayed
Christmas weekend. More than 2,650 flights were canceled this Saturday evening, according to the Flightaware website. More than 6,350 flights were delayed worldwide.

Fortunately, these interruptions had no effect. For a tour of Santa Claus, Accurately followed for decades
North American Space Defense Command (NORAT). Following on the heels of Slate Thanksgiving, Norad correctly calculated the 7,623,693,263 prizes distributed this year, the organization explains.
Sensor placed on the nose of a deer.

A dedicated website and more than 1,500 volunteers

This tradition sees its origins in a telephone mess. In 1955, the Colorado newspaper wanted to publish a phone number that allowed children to call Santa Claus, misprinting a military order. The commander on duty that day played together and ordered his staff to provide the children with a place where Santa Claus could be. The tradition continued, with the emergence of a dedicated website in the late 1990s.

About 1,500 volunteers are now assisting the military in answering children’s phone calls and emails. The hunt for Santa Claus has become a company in the United States, with President Joe Biden and his wife Jill responding to calls from children eager to receive their gifts.

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