Sergio Materella was re-elected President of Italy for the second time in the name of “the welfare of the nation”.

Is it better to continue the assassination game or look for a way out, even if it is a little out of corporate logic, taking into account the stalemate? Leaders of the major Italian political forces took a disastrous Friday to understand the facts and decide to put an end to the hopeless struggle, asking President Sergio Materella, who is notorious for opposing this hypothesis. Guernal Palace for a few more years.

On Saturday afternoon, January 29, he received a delegation of party leaders and regional leaders and announced his readiness. “Even though he has other plans “Since then, in Montecitorio’s semi-finals, the eighth ballot has only been a formality.

The disunity of the right

The last few hours have demonstrated the inability to find the common ground of the various political forces. In the fifth round of voting, League (far right) leader Matteo Salvini, without agreement, tried to force the passage by proposing the name of the second-in-command of the state, Senate President Martia Elizabeth Casselli. Left and 5 star movement (antisystem). The defeat was predictable, but its size (382 votes, or 123 less than the required majority) exposed the disunity of the right-wingers and the absolute need for a pre-agreement between the parties.

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A few hours later, the same Salvini offered the option of choosing not to lose the initiative. “A woman”, Then provoked by Ambassador Elisabetta Belloni, the current head of the Italian intelligence services, whose “moment” lasted only an hour at the end … In confusion, it is Luigi Di Maio, the former leader of the 5 star movement. , The current head of Italian diplomacy, seemed to be delivering the most measured speech in consideration “It is inappropriate for a high-ranking person like Elizabeth Belloni to be thrown into pasture.”Before calling for a general agreement, he publicly apologized.

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So on Friday night, party leaders finally asked council chairman Mario Draghi to agree to Sergio Materella be in the best interests of the nation. A year ago it was different: there was no consensus on the government leadership, so it was Sergio Materella who told Mario Tragi to take over the government.

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