Ships from Türkiye carrying humanitarian aid to Gaza were denied the right to sail, and flags were removed

Ships aiming to sail from Türkiye to Gaza carrying humanitarian aid have been denied the right to sail. According to To the Associated Press.

“On Thursday afternoon, the International Registry of Ships in Guinea-Bissau contacted the Freedom Flotilla Alliance to request an inspection of our flagship – Akdeniz,” said the Freedom Flotilla Alliance, the group behind the ships. He said In a press release on Saturday.

“This was a highly unusual request given that our ship had already passed all the required inspections; however, we agreed.” “The inspector arrived on Thursday evening. On Friday afternoon, before the inspection was completed, the GBISR, in a blatant political move, informed the Freedom Flotilla Alliance that it had withdrawn the Guinea-Bissau flag from two Freedom Flotilla ships, one of which was our own cargo ship, which was already loaded with more than 5,000 tons of Life-saving aid for Palestinians in Gaza.

The Freedom Flotilla coalition also said in the statement that “without knowledge, we cannot sail” and accused Guinea Bissau of being “complicit in Israel’s deliberate starvation, illegal blockade and genocide of Palestinians in Gaza.”

Last week, the US Agency for International Development (USAID) confirmed to The Hill that it would work with the UN World Food Program to deliver humanitarian aid to Gaza by sea.

“This is a complex process that requires coordination among many partners, and our conversations are ongoing. The safety and security of humanitarian workers throughout Gaza is critical to the delivery of assistance, and we continue to call for measures to “It would give humanitarian workers greater guarantees.”

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They added that US officials and the World Food Program are working on how to deliver aid to Palestinian civilians “in an independent, neutral and impartial manner.”

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