Star Citizen has crossed the $700 million mark, and there is still no set release date

Star Citizen has now raised more than $700 million according to numbers released by developer Cloud Imperium Games.

The developer behind the controversial space sim game is making the revenue available to the public on its site website, which at the time of publishing this article shows Star Citizen has raised $701,186,615. CIG calls these funds “pooled funds.”

CIG also breaks down revenue by recent months, weeks, and hours. At its lows on the morning of May 28, Star Citizen brought in $42,886 in one hour, about $1.5 million yesterday, May 27, $10,883,513 last week, and $4,753,264 for April (things appear to have improved Significantly in May following the release of Alpha 3.23: Adventure Beckons Update).

Star Citizen is one of the most controversial projects in all of video games. Over the 12 years since the crowdfunding campaign began, it has been called many things including a scam by those wondering if it would ever launch properly. Its virtual spaceships, some of which cost hundreds of dollars, are often the subject of criticism.

Alpha 3.23 was released two months later CIG has started talking about Star Citizen 1.0 being within sight, more than a decade after the game was released for its first crowdfunding campaign. CIG President Chris Roberts said that 2024 will see the launch of Star Citizen Alpha 4.0, and that the developer is working to bring the features developed for Squadron 42the story-driven indie game starring the likes of Mark Hamill and Gillian Anderson, will be added to the ongoing universe portion of the game at an “accelerating rate.”

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It all goes back to Star Citizen 1.0, which, as Roberts said, “is what we consider the features and content that are set to represent the ‘commercial’ release.” However, there is still no release date or even a release window for Star Citizen 1.0. CIG said it will share the roadmap later this year.

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