Stardew Valley Creator will share the update when version 1.6 is released

Eric “ConcernedApe” Baron Cultivation Lifestyle Simulation Stardu Valley It gets 1.6 update in the future. In June, reveal how you will focus on it Modify and add some “new content”.

So, what’s the latest? Don’t worry – it’s still on the way. In response to a fan on social media asking about a target release, Barron simply said it’ll arrive when it’s ready. Here it is in full:

No target release date…just “when it’s ready”

Barun is currently working hard on his next project haunted chocolate. At the moment, it’s locked to a PC version, but no other major platforms have been confirmed.

Previous Stardew Version 1.5 update previously released on Nintendo Switch It was released in February last year and is still making its way to mobile devices. Added new game options including ‘Beach Farm’, advanced game options to customize gameplay stages, split-screen local co-op, and much more.

Still playing Stardew Valley on the Nintendo Switch? What would you like to see from the future update of this game? Comment below.

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