The boss of the Point Pedro hospital who was evicted by the police

The CHU’s management building was besieged on Tuesday by a display of tensions surrounding the question of compulsory vaccination for caregivers, who were “segmented” into its offices before management could be “evicted”.

The director of Guadeloupe’s CHU and two of his aides were to be evacuated by police from their offices, which were besieged on Tuesday, January 4 by activists opposed to the vaccination duty of caregivers, hospital management told AFP.

The administration building of CHU de Guadeloupe, a scene of tensions surrounding the question of compulsory vaccination of caregivers, came under siege on Tuesday and management “Bound” In his offices before finally being “Dismissed” GUrard Cotellon, director general of the CHU, explained to AFP by the police. “I was struck by a punch in the ribs and a big blow to the head. I lost consciousness for 10 seconds.”, Said Gérard Cotellon. His deputy, Cédric Zolezzi, said he was harassed. “My shirt was torn and I was urinating as I ran towards the police car.”, He promised, declaring himself “I was shocked”. Management has announced that it has a complaint to make.

I tore my shirt and urinated on me as I ran to the police car. “

Cédric Zolezzi, Deputy Director of CHU

If this eviction did not lead to arrests, it was described as one “Rugby Scrum” According to the police evidence, when the demonstrators were “Slight silence” Throughout the day. “We came to ask for money to pay us”, AFP Gaby Clavier, former health branch secretary of the UGTG union, was at the scene with protesters. The latter, following their refusal to comply with the vaccine obligation, are required to pay the salaries of the suspended agents. The protesters left in the evening. This is not the first time these administrative complexes have been targeted as part of this mobilization. By the end of 2021, many degenerations have already taken place.

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According to the CHU, 95% of staff are preparing for the arrival of patients due to the resurgence of the Govt-19 epidemic. “Meet the Vaccine Requirement”. President Emmanuel Macron was interviewed by the newspaper Parisian, Announced it was ready and sparked controversy on Tuesday “Biz Off” Not vaccinated. “Those who are not vaccinated, I want to persecute them. So we will continue to do so to the end. That is the strategy.”, He declared.

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