The Canadian government wants to end unemployment benefits for those who have not been vaccinated

The federal government considers that public aid is not intended to support people who lose their jobs by refusing the vaccine.

As long as the fight against the epidemic remains a government priority, those who are not vaccinated will no longer be eligible for unemployment insurance in Canada. This is the decision of the federal authorities, while 10% of the population aged 12 and over have not yet received the vaccine.

The Liberal government is determined to vaccinate its entire population against the corona virus, justifying its decision for two reasons. The economic aspect is, first of all, the anticipation of the risk of clutter closures by clusters, but above all with a motivating purpose, and finally to promote the anti-Govt vaccine. In the country, at least 83% of people who receive at least one dose of the vaccine do not have enough to stop the pollution. In recent days, nearly 80,000 new daily cases have been registered.

In Canada, employment insurance, which is equivalent to unemployment benefits, will no longer be available to vaccinated unemployed except those with medical exemptions. Federal Employment Minister Carla Gualtro said action would be taken until further notice. “I do not know how long this will last“, She said.”Until the collective public health of Canadians is threatened and our economy is threatened, we must keep public health policy at the forefront of our decisions in the areas of jobs, labor and the economy., She explained.

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People who are not vaccinated often “Female hatred“And”Racism“According to Justin Trudeau

The pressure of the Liberal government is particularly strong in Canada, especially on those who have not been vaccinated by the voice of its Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. On social media, part of the head of government’s intervention reappeared on Quebec television on September 16 at the end of December. A few days before the election, the Canadian leader, unlike the Conservatives, told his Liberal Party of its commitment to those who had not been vaccinated.Smooth“, Pointed out these people”Those who do not believe in science are often racist and often racist“.One.”Small group but it takes up space“According to the Prime Minister, who is asking:”Do we tolerate them? […] Because 80% of Cubs did the right thing“The words of Maxim Bernier, the leader of the People’s Party of Canada, reacted on December 28.”Fascist psychiatrist“, Condemned the latter by posting a video extract on Twitter.

Another video, dated December 3, was filmed on social media, showing Justin Trudeau talking to 5-year-old children in front of the camera, urging them to get vaccinated. “You will have the opportunity to get your vaccine when you reach the age of 5. I know you are excited and I know you can not wait“He cheered the Prime Minister on with a smile and a playful grin. Speech that received many teases and criticisms.

Some workers in Canada are already subject to compulsory vaccination. This is the case of federal officials who have been on unpaid leave since November 15, unable to confirm vaccination status to their manager. This duty also applies to elected officials who wish to sit in the House of Commons. The only party that did not support the compulsory vaccination of elected officials, which supported the Conservative Party of Canada (PCC) decision, was useless. Nursing staff are free to exercise without the vaccine if they are tested three times a week.

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