Finland’s Prime Minister Sanna Marin says she was drug tested after a private video leaked online

Finland’s Prime Minister Sanna Marin, the target of criticism after a private video of her dancing an evening with friends was circulated on social networks, announced on Friday August 19 that she had been tested for drugs. The 36-year-old head of government, from the ranks of the Social Democratic Party (SDP), this evening was a way to respond to various rumors accusing him of taking drugs.

“I have nothing to hide. I don’t use drugs, so I have no problem with testing.”She announced to the press earlier in the day. “I didn’t do anything illegal”, Sanna Marin said at a press conference on Friday that she never took drugs in her youth. He said the result of the screening test will be known next week.

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Two private videos were leaked in the same week

Controversy has grown ever since the two videos aired. Widely shared on social media and published by various outlets, the premiere shows the head of government dancing and singing with an entourage, including Finnish celebrities. In a second video released Friday, some believe Sanna Marin dances with the Finnish pop star. The date these pictures were taken has not been made public.

“These films are private, they were shot in private locations”The Prime Minister was the first to react. “I spent an evening with friends”He explained and finally agreed to submit to a drug test.

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Some considered this behavior inappropriate for the Prime Minister and found it suspicious of possible drug use, while others felt he had the right to frolic with friends during a private party.

Much of the criticism centered on the fact that he served as Prime Minister when these videos were filmed, and Mme Marin had to justify himself about his ability to lead, ensuring that his ability to work was not altered

While asserting his right to privacy, he admitted to drinking, but always denied that the participants used drugs. She also had to justify kissing a reporter on the neck who she thought recognized her in a video.

A long list of attacks and controversies

Antti Lindtman, leader of the SDP group in parliament, told a party press conference on Thursday that the prime minister had the support of her group. “I don’t have a big problem with him dancing with friends at a private event.”he said.

Since she took office in 2019, the one-time world’s youngest head of government has already faced criticism over her hobbies, her age or her gender. In 2020, hundreds of Finnish women split across social networks behind the hashtag and posed in support of him. “Imvitsanna”“I am with Channa”. Then Channa Marin was charged “Playing Models” For posing for a magazine in a black blazer with nothing underneath amid the Covid-19 crisis.

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In December 2021, Sanna Marin had to apologize for dancing at dawn without her phone, not knowing she was in contact with Covid-19. She also had to justify herself Breakfast fee.

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The joint government of Mme Marin was not immune to attacks, especially those of a sexual nature. In 2021, a statement Published by the NATO Center of Excellence for Strategic Communications (STRATCOM) Based on a 2020 study in Latvia, the scale of attacks and “concerted persecution” Specifically targeting Finnish ministers on Twitter.

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