The Chiefs’ junior class made a huge impact

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When the chiefs traded Terek Hill Last season, many wondered if they could sustain a Super Bowl-caliber offense. As it turns out, the Hill trade was a huge part of building up their Super Bowl-caliber defense.

The Chiefs selected additional first-, second-, and fourth-round picks in the 2022 NFL Draft in the Hill trade, and those picks contributed to the outstanding rookie class that has had a huge impact on the Chiefs this year. (The Chiefs will also have additional fourth- and sixth-round picks in this year’s Hill Trade draft.)

Veteran Chiefs cornerback by Jarius Snead They were eliminated from the AFC Championship game in Game 4. For the rest of the game, the Chiefs had three players in the corner, all up: a first-round pick. Trent McDuffiea fourth-round pick Joshua Williams And the seventh choice Jaylen Watson. They also had a rookie safety, a second-round pick Brian CookGreat game time recording. With all of these rookies playing against a Bengals-led offense Joe BurrowAnd Ja’Marr Chase And T HigginsThe secondary regatta would have taken place outside the stadium. Instead, they played very well.

It’s crazy how these things work, however Children climbedChiefs coach Andy Reid said after the game. “They haven’t lost their faith. You’re hopeful, but you don’t know how the trip will go. Here we sit and they did a good job.”

It wasn’t just about high school juniors. Rookie defensive end George Carlaftis He had a cyst. The rookie runs backwards Isiah Pacheco He was the Chiefs’ leading tackle and the third leading receiver. Upward receiver Sky Moore He had three goals in the AFC Championship game, while a rookie linebacker Leo Schnell He led the team with 22 special team snaps.

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When you trade a player like Hill for draft picks, you have to tap into your picks. The Chiefs have done just that, and it’s a great reason they’re in the Super Bowl.

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