The EU finally took up arms to defend the rule of law against Hungary and Poland

“World” editorial. In the history of the challenges posed to the European Union (EU) by its two member states, Poland and Hungary, Brussels has achieved a pivotal point on its failure to respect the rule of law. The EU Court ruling on Wednesday, February 16, does not yet explicitly validate the mechanism adopted in December 2020 by EU leaders to make the disbursement of EU funds compliant. Rules for the rights of beneficiaries.

Rejecting the appeal of Warsaw and Budapest, which considered the device illegal, The Judicial Court has given a decisive green light to the Commission to use the conditional mechanism regarding governments that are reluctant to uphold the rule of law. It was a tool that was not very much in the commission in the years-long war with the Polish and Hungarian nationalist leaders because they had freed themselves from certain rules, especially the freedom of justice.

This conditional mechanism is to ensure that the funds provided by Brussels for the consolidation of the Union are not diverted upon arrival in the recipient’s country due to the absence of an independent control mechanism. European taxpayers’ money is at risk. Henceforth, Brussels will not open these agreements unless there is a guarantee of regulation of the procedures used to use the funds, especially in the case of awarding public contracts.

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Given the green light, one can only imagine that the device would be used without delay, and the conditional mechanism was triggered by the billions of euros allocated to these two countries. Not so fast! Welcoming the court’s ruling, the commission’s chairman, Ursula van der Leyen, said it was “urgent” to wait. The community administrator will do “Analyze carefully” Judgment of the Court and will be published, “In the coming weeks”From “Guidelines” Strict conditions for the implementation of the regulation established by this mechanism. France is in the same order: to Paris, “Now the Commission needs to clarify how regulation works”. Some in the European Parliament have been blaming and blamingMe Van der Lion play politics.

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No time to stumble

They are probably not wrong. This period “A few weeks” There is a risk that Prime Minister Victor Orban will be allowed to face the commission in the Hungarian general election on April 3. Brussels does not want to take the risk of being accused of interfering in the electoral process of a member state in the crucial battle for Europe’s identity and future in terms of a policy that respects the rule of law. Loses the opportunity to influence the campaign through the law.

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Ursula van der Leyen promised “Must act with determination” Upon completion of the review of the implementation conditions. The Chairman of the Commission can be trusted to fulfill his promise. This is not the time to stumble. The conditional mechanism now has an undeniable legal presence and we should not hesitate to use it. Unnecessary procrastination, under the false pretense that it gives hope that conflict can be avoided, is an insult to the same legal rule that we are supposed to uphold.

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