The Putin-Biden meeting is still being considered, but it has not been confirmed

On Monday, February 21, Moscow ruled that talks on a joint summit between Russian President Vladimir Putin and US President Joe Biden to defuse the Russian-Western crisis around Ukraine were too early. Contrary to what Paris announced The day before.

“There is agreement that talks should continue at the ministerial level [des affaires étrangères], Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters. However, “It is too early to talk about concrete plans for organizing the summit.” he said.

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“Meetings are possible if there are state leaders [russe et américain] I think that’s useful. “, He added, however, that MM. Biden and Putin have always had a choice, “When needed”, Talk to each other “On the phone or else”.

“The ridge path”

The Russian president said on Monday that Russia was considering a request from two separatist provinces in eastern Ukraine to recognize their independence. “It simply came to our notice then [lundi] It is about listening to our colleagues and deciding our next steps in this direction.Vladimir Putin announced during a meeting of the Russian Security Council, which includes leaders of the military and intelligence services in particular.

“The use of Ukraine as a tool of conflict with our country represents a serious threat, which is too great for us.”Mr. Putin added that Moscow was not a priority “Security, not conflict.”

“It is possible today to go to the summit and unite the stakeholders.”Elysée said Monday after a series of exchanges between Emmanuel Macron and his two colleagues. “Now President Putin must do his will.”Pointing to that he added “The situation is very dangerous” And parts lie on a “Hill Trail”.

From Sunday to Monday night, French President MM. Biden and Putin were there “I have accepted the policy of such a summit.”Indicates that these talks will be extended later “All Partners” Russia has not attacked its Ukrainian neighbors for the Ukrainian crisis. This announcement was subsequently issued Mr. Two exchanges between Macron and the Russian president Another with the American leader.

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On the other hand, a meeting between Russian and US Foreign Ministers Sergei Lavrov and Anthony Blingen is scheduled for Thursday in Geneva.

“The situation is very tense” on the front page

The Kremlin reiterated “The situation [restait] Very tense “ In the eastern part of Ukraine, between Ukrainian forces and Moscow-backed pro-Russian separatists. “It’s worrying”Mr. Peskov said, whose country is responsible for the deterioration of the situation on the ground in Ukraine, accusing it of wanting to do one “Genocide” Russian-speaking people.

On Monday morning, Russian security services announced that a shell fired from Ukrainian territory had destroyed a structure at a Russian border checkpoint in the Rostov region, about 150 meters from the border, causing no casualties.

The Ukrainian military has denied the allegations. “We can not prevent them from publishing this false information (…), But we insist on not firing on any civilian infrastructure or the Rostov region. “ In Russia, Pavlo Kovalchuk, spokesman for the Ukrainian Armed Forces in Kramatorsk, told Agence France-Presse (AFP). “No artillery fire on the occupying forces” Russians.

On the other hand, the Russian military on Monday claimed to have killed five people “Destroyers” Russian agencies said Russia had entered the border from Ukraine and that two Ukrainian military vehicles had crossed the border. The military says the incident took place in the Rostov region at around 4am (Paris time), near the town of Mityakinskaya, indicating that no Russian soldier or border guard was injured. Ukraine has also denied these recent allegations.

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The hand of Moscow

Air France cancels two Paris-Kiev and Kiev-Paris flights scheduled for Tuesday “As a precaution considering the condition of the site”The airline said Monday. “Air France is constantly reviewing the situation and it is absolutely imperative that the safety and security of the aircraft, its customers and its staff be maintained.”, She added. Until now, the company has offered two cycles a week between Paris and Kiev on Tuesdays and Sundays.

Westerners see Moscow’s hand in the background of the intensification of several days of fighting on the front lines, and fear that this will serve as an excuse for Russia, which has amassed 150,000 troops on the Ukrainian border, to launch a massive offensive against its Western allies. Neighbor.

Moscow denies any plans to invade Ukraine, but demands that the country never join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and withdraw the alliance of European countries from the East, many of which have so far been rejected by the West.

Russian stock markets fell on Monday, with the RTS index (denominated in dollars) down 10.4% and the MOEX index (in rubles) down 8%.

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