The satirical drawing “Liberation” raises an outcry

Former magazine cartoonist Charlie HebdoHe now works on the editorial staff of liberation In the “Coco sketches the news” segment, Coco became the target of threats after a satirical cartoon titled “Ramadan in Gaza” was published. The black-and-white cartoon, published in the newspaper's Monday, March 11 edition, shows a man, a woman and a child moving through the rubble of Gaza, the “capital” of Palestinian settlements in the war with Israel. Between concrete blocks and rubble, one arm outstretched, a thin figure runs after two rats—one of the murreets with an eye in its mouth and the other bone and cockroaches, drooling. A woman sitting next to a child with deep dark circles slaps his hand and lectures him: “TTT… not before sunset!” » It is mentioned above their heads “Beginning of a Month's Fast”In reference to Ramadan which started yesterday for Muslims.

Since the map's release, Koko, its author, has received a flurry of hostile messages on social media, fueling the prospect of famine for the Palestinian people. “A small collection of bullshit, threats and anti-Semitic messages (very small, eh) that followed this map released yesterday in Libya. A map that highlights the desperation of Palestinians, condemns the famine in Gaza, and mocks the absurdity of religion (which I totally agree with!)Corinne Rey, her real name, writes in X to introduce a mountain of screenshots.

The rest is after this ad

“May God have mercy on the Kwachi brothers”

“They should have fired you on January 7” Or “May God have mercy on the Kwachi brothers”Can the 2015 attacks be read amid threats to wipe out the editorial staff of a subversive newspaper? Charlie Hebdo. Another netizen posted a heart in the caption of the photo illustrating the deadly journey of the two terrorists that day. “Run bitch, soon you and your whole family will be slaughtered”, another user swears. For her part, rebel MP Sofía Siqueiro declares: “You won't earn our hate, but you deserve it. »

Amid the attacks, Charlie Hebdo's deputy editor-in-chief Jean-Loup Adiner wanted to support his colleague. “We're not used to the stupidity of tweeters, the bad faith and the sleazy political recovery… Huge support for Koko. […] It takes a huge amount of cynicism to fool the crowd into thinking this painting is attacking Palestinians, and it's infuriating. »

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