The second building collapses in Tijuana’s La Sierra neighborhood – NBC7 San Diego

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Another building collapsed in Tijuana’s La Sierra neighborhood on Sunday after the first collapsed to the ground in early April.

Since the early morning of March 27th, the Earth has been moving in a non-stop fashion. Although the property owner was in discussions to safely demolish the building, there was no need to move forward with those plans since the structure collapsed, according to the government’s Secretary-General Miguel Ángel Boganda.

“Time and weight won; keep moving. That’s what the experts kept saying. Then at 8:07 am, the building collapsed. We as a city council are following the expert opinion of the College of Engineers to discover the cause of the collapse,” Boganda said.

It was a moment captured by the 24/7 emergency personnel who were deployed to monitor the area. Rafael Carrillo, the Tijuana fire chief, said personnel on duty at the time captured the moments leading up to the collapse and blocked the road before the building fell.

“We obviously saw the ground moving and we took that as an opportunity to close the road to prevent any hazards,” Carrillo said.

Crews began monitoring the area after the crash. But as they continue to assess the positions of shops and homes in the surrounding area, the land continues to move and shift.

“Of the businesses that were at the bottom, only one with windows incurred a complete loss. The buildings on the right are still up, so we’ll see if we can get into those buildings and get residents’ belongings out,” said Bernardo Villegas, director of civil protection in Tijuana. .

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Some La Sierra residents, like Alberto Ramirez, watched helplessly as the land collapsed, robbing families of their possessions in the blink of an eye.

“We’ve always felt vulnerable but now we feel it a little more and we’ll have to take action when I’m home,” Ramirez said. We also have a slope and plan to plant trees there. That the roots pass through the layers and that the earth is more firmly established.”

Years ago, the family did similar work in the same field.

“The hill has fallen, burying our kitchen in rubble,” Ramirez said.

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