The story of Le Figaro’s special correspondent

Report – Hundreds of thousands of people leaving the war are receiving random receptions depending on the region.

Libra Special Envoy

Right here, We sleep in a snow white bed. How strange is the silence after these explosions. Mariupol was destroyed like Stalingrad.: 78-year-old Sergue├» Klimovitch could not believe his new life at a holiday center near Tula, two and a half hours by train south of Moscow. With seventy people Refugees from UkraineHe now lives in it “Temporary accommodation”One of the sixteen openings in the province of Tula.

They can accommodate a total of about two thousand people. Some of the hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians who came from the east of the country – their exact number is unknown, some sources speak of about 800,000 people. Their future is uncertain or their suffering is not small, five times the number of refugees who have reached Western Europe. The situation of the survivors of this war will vary considerably depending on the region and the route.

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