The ‘strong malodor’ coming from a newly built apartment in South Korea turns out to be human feces in the walls.

A resident of a newly built apartment building in South Korea began noticing a smell emanating from their master bedroom closet that had worsened, and later discovered three bags of human faeces hidden inside a ceiling space.

The apartment building in Hwaseong, Gyeonggi Province was only recently built. When new residents began to move in, someone noticed a “strong unpleasant odor” Coming from the walls From the master bedroom closet. The resident, who moved into the apartment in May, said that as the weather warmed up, the smell became stronger.

On May 29, the citizen requested an inspection. On July 2, an official from the construction company inspected various parts of the house, including the plumbing, floors, walls, and ceiling. Upon investigation, three plastic bags filled with human faeces were found hidden within a space in the master bedroom closet ceiling.

“As soon as the construction company employees removed the ceiling light, a strong smell began to fill the room from that hatch. They could not even photograph the evidence or take pictures of it. [due to the stench] And I left with the bags as quickly as possible,” said a resident Yonhap News.

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A man who lives next door also mentioned that he smelled the closet, and his wife, who is five months pregnant, started having headaches because of the stench.

Officials believe that construction workers left the bags full of rubbish while completing the interior work of the apartment.

Residents stated that they had not received a proper apology and that their requests to replace the roof and walls had not yet been answered. They were also asked to contact a professional company to get the deodorizing work done.

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“It’s been 17 days since the bag was discovered, but the builder says removing and sanitizing the wallpaper and ceiling and spraying liquid detergent is a process to deodorize. It’s done, but I’m not sure how the builder did it because the smell is still so strong that it makes me headache.”

An official at the construction company said they plan to compensate the victims for the damages as soon as possible.

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main picture: Yonhap News

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