The United States promises to respond in writing to Russia

Arguments are known, disagreements are recorded, and mutual accusations are recorded. Nevertheless, the United States and Russia have been engaged in intense diplomatic exchanges for weeks over broader strategic security in Ukraine and Europe. On Friday, January 21, US Secretary of State Anthony Blingen and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov met in Geneva (Switzerland), and Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin began the conversation in June 2021. The difference, today, is the Russian military threat. To Ukraine, which Washington considers immediate.

The mere one-and-a-half-hour meeting – much shorter than the eight-hour debate on January 10, would have served as a stepping stone to this round of talks. “We do not expect a major turnaround today. Anthony Blingen explained during a press conference. But I think we are now on a clear path to understanding each other’s position. ⁇ The two diplomats considered the possibility of a new summit between US President Joe Biden and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin, which was well prepared and substantial. The first city will meet with its security advisers at Camp David this weekend to prepare for its sequel.

The main lesson at the end of the Geneva debate: the US side announced that it would respond in writing within a week to the proposals made by Moscow as a final warning. On December 17, 2021, Russian diplomacy issued two draft agreements with NATO and the United States, barring further expansion of the alliance and withdrawal of its troops from Russia’s entire borders.

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Since then, Washington has begun intensive consultations with its European allies to present a common front against Russia. In terms of policies, the consensus is clear: Moscow cannot claim the right to examine the perimeter and deployment of the Atlantic Alliance. Moreover, Ukraine, like any sovereign nation, is free to choose its direction. Surprisingly, the U.S. response was to formalize this petition, which was not acceptable in writing. On the other hand, there are clear differences behind the scenes between the allies regarding the sanctions planned against Russia during a military operation, and Europeans fear that their own economies will be greatly affected.

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