Three days after the Waltham shooting, pro-gun activists gather in Texas as Donald Trump’s star guest

A meeting in a sad environment. The National Rifle Association, the first U.S. arms lobby, is holding its annual convention on Friday, May 27 in Houston, Texas. An event that comes three days after 19 school children were killed in Wolverhampton, in a matter of hours, prompted politicians and folk music stars to cancel their visit.

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Former President Donald Trump is attending. The NRA, which has 5 million members, said the guns would be banned from the room to ensure the former president’s speech and his safety.

According to the powerful lobby, large crowd participants “Reflecting” What happened in Uvalde, and “I will pray for the victims”. The NRA, attacked by Joe Biden, has absolved itself of all responsibility for the murder.

Outside the building, protesters gathered with placards calling for a ban on assault rifles. Joining them is Democrat Betto O’Rourke, who faces Greg Abbott in the November gubernatorial election.

In an extraordinary scene, as a sign of growing tension over the arms issue, he interrupted the governor in the middle of a press conference on Wednesday, accusing him of being responsible for the tragedy.

Shooting, described as “New Sandy Hook” In the American press about the horrific massacre at Connecticut Elementary School in 2012, the United States was shocked. The faces of 11, 10, 9- and 9-year-old victims were repeatedly televised, and the testimonies of their fallen relatives moved across the country, resuming waves of calls for better gun regulation.

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