Total Energy says it will suspend all purchases of Russian oil or petroleum products by the end of 2022

According to the Pentagon, Ukraine is resuming operations against Russian troops

The Pentagon spokesman confirmed on Tuesday that the Ukrainian military was carrying out counter-attacks, especially in the south, making it possible for Russian troops to re-land and face communication problems.

Ukrainian soldiers “Now, under certain circumstances, they are under attack.”John Kirby told CNN “Expelling the Russians and Expelling the Russians from the Past”. “We know they carried out counter-attacks (…) Especially in recent days at Mykolaiv, ” The main city of southern Ukraine, he added.

“We watched [ces gains territoriaux] Increase in recent days For the benefit of Ukraine, said John Kirby. “This is a testament to their ability to fight, to transform and to push back Russian forces in line with their plans.”

The Ukrainian military counterattacked in the small town of Izium, southeast of Kharkiv (east), as Russian forces sought to annex pro-Russian areas Luhansk and Donetsk, a senior Pentagon source said. Officer. “What we see today is an attempt to recapture significant fighting by the Ukrainians.”The senior official, who did not want to be named, told reporters.

Mr. Kirby described CNN as Russian forces “Do not conduct their operations with the co-ordination one expects from the modern military”. “Their commanders never talk, never coordinate between air and ground forces”A U.S. security spokesman said.

“Between the air force and the ground forces we saw how they supported each other, well or with difficulty tense”And so goes the Navy, he continues. “They have problems with command and control” Troops.

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“Very firm, they’m hard to talk to each other, and this leads to the use of mobile phones in some cases.”, This US official believes. Also, in addition, “They ran out of gas, they ran out of food.”. “It simply came to our notice then [récemment] The real big breakthrough for the Russians, except in the south. “They are close to their rear base in the Crimea, he added. “Yes, they are in trouble.”.

An unnamed senior official said Russian forces did not even have the equipment to defend themselves from the cold. “We collected information showing that some of their players were affected [du froid] And unfit to fight because of the frost “, He noted. For the first time, he says, after the fall of the Ukrainian border, the combat capability still available to the Russian military is less than 90%.

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