Tour: The Rune Factory 5 reviews

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Kirby isn’t the only one with a big release this week, Switch fans in the West can finally get their hands on it Rune Factory 5.

Now that the game has been here for a few days, we’ve put together a few reviews. If you haven’t already checked out our Nintendo Life review of Rune Factory 5, be sure to take a look. We said you’ll find something to love about this game if you enjoy RPGs and The Sims Farmer, but you’ve noticed some performance issues – give it 7/10 stars.

So, what have the other reviews said? IGN He wasn’t completely forgiving – his score was 6/10:

“Rune Factory 5 is a recreationally chewable fodder thanks to the soil fertilized by its predecessors, but its attempt to leap into a 3D world leaves it with a lot of frustrating technical issues.”

digital trends It was all for the farmer’s life – giving it 3.5/5 stars, but wasn’t quite sure how accessible it would be for newcomers:

Rune Factory 5 It should appeal to old fans or those who like games that cut between two categories, including farming simulators, dating, and JRPGs. I can’t see it having a great deal of mainstream appeal, because of the barriers it places for newcomers.”

RPGamer He said it was a very nice experience, with a final score of 3.5/5 stars:

Rune Factory It’s always been a cool experience with some light RPG elements, and that’s exactly what the latest release offers.”

mako reactor It gave the game a respectable 7.5/10 but felt it needed more time to reach its full potential:

“Rune Factory 5 is an ambitious entry in the series that does many things well, but suffers thanks to a slew of technical and structural issues. Although built on the Rune Factory 4 in some great ways, the Rune Factory 4 Special is still one of the Best games for a very long time while Rune Factory 5 feels it needs more time to reach its full potential.”

And the Digitally downloaded Comparing it to comfort food – give it 4/5 stars:

“Rune Factory 5 plays things discreetly, which is the best for it. It’s a comfort dining experience, and while this might cost it off store shelves since it’s been released at the end of so many excellent, clever, innovative and great RPGs, it’s a joy to play with.” Simple and fun experiments. Sometimes that’s enough.”

Have you tried Rune Factory 5 on your Nintendo Switch yet? What are your impressions? Tell us below.

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