The Ukrainian Navy said that a Russian ship was destroyed in the occupied port of Berdyansk

An image of Mariupol from a video obtained by CNN. (from Telegram)

New videos emerge from Mariupol ruin besieged ukrainian city, With deserted streets full of debris, wrecked cars and destroyed buildings.

CNN geo-located and verified two videos taken from a car that came under fire, uploaded to social media on Tuesday.

The first video, filmed from a moving car, begins with a booby-trapped Mariupol police car as drivers drive south on Builders Street in Mariupol’s western district.

The street is full of dirt, debris and cracked wood except for a small strip in the middle of the road. The sound of intermittent gunfire was heard in the video.

In front of the car, the road seems to be clogged with burning cars, and the camera suddenly veered downwards. During this, the object is seen on the ground to the right of the car. Then the car made a sharp turn on a side road, and a man was seen running with a suitcase.

An image of Mariupol from a video obtained by CNN.
An image of Mariupol from a video obtained by CNN. (from Telegram)

A second video starts as the same car heads north into a parking lot.

More gunfire is heard in the video as the car retreats to Builders Street and heads north, back where it came from.

As it stands, the roadside body is seen again. The driver puts her on the ground amidst the bullets. The car passes back by a wrecked police car and other booby-trapped cars sitting on the road.

The driver continues to accelerate as destroyed buildings and fallen wires rattle.

He heard more gunshots, this time so close that the impact of the bullets could be heard. It was not clear whether the bullets hit the car or the ground nearby.

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Then the car speeds away from the bullets.

Watch: Intermittent shooting heard in new video from Mariupol

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