Two tourists order two beers on the terrace and the waiter charges them €760

Two vacationers had a strange experience Disrupted the budget It is scheduled to be enjoyed this summer. After treading the tracks of a Belgian seaside resort, Newport, they wanted to take a refreshment. So they settled down Cafe Terrace I ordered two from one hotel Draft pears. However, the next day, their bank account was booked Bad surprise.

The next day cold rain ! According to Dutch media reports Head Ladsday NewsAfter ordering their two beers, the couple was charged 760 € amount. After checking her account, the woman found that she had been overdrawn €7.60 What price should be paid for the beers? A Extraordinary Bill For two beers tasted on the terrace!

Payment terminal error

The problem behind this high amount? It really is a Typhoon At the payment terminal. The service is available to the person responsible I forgot the comma and changed the price from €7.60 to €760. So tourists were charged an unspecified amount on the cafe menu. Enough to derail his entire plan holiday !

Fortunately, the customer has Put on Receipt and contacted his bank to inform him of the error on the restaurant’s part. Also managed to join the Hotel du Littoral for them Request a refund. However, the return of the establishment did not please the couple. In fact, he explained, there is no refund will not take place Immediately due to lengthy administrative procedures.

An aperitif that almost returns the dream ! Therefore, the couple should be patient as there may be administrative procedures several weeks.However, our regular direct debits have not stopped.“, explained the tourist. The couple had to do Bail out his account, by transferring money from his savings account to his current account. A nasty surprise that wasn’t planned to close this holiday.

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Be aware of the amounts shown

The bank has explained that it has taken steps to reassure the customer that it is unfortunate Returned. So within a few weeks the pair should be restored. The young lady also wished” Take this opportunity to warn peopleBe careful When making electronic payments. » In fact, it is always advisable Check the amount mentioned at the payment terminal before inserting the card Banking.

Errors of this magnitude occur frequently. That’s why it’s important to check Keep your tickets. Keep watching him Bank Withdrawal Any inconsistencies can be detected. In fact, following this type of error, it may take too long to benefit from a refund and completely alter the vacation plan. It would be a shame to end your summer vacation earlier than expected Typhoon !

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