Ukrainian army enters Kherson after Russian forces withdraw, Kiev hails ‘important victory’

Ukraine hails ‘significant victory’ after Russia pulls out of Kherson

Ukraine’s foreign minister praised Friday “A Critical Victory”The Kherson region has been occupied since the beginning of March, after the announcement of Russian withdrawal from the north. “Ukraine is now on track for another important victory, proving that no matter what Russia says or does, Ukraine will win”insists upon Twitter Dmytro Kuleba.

The Ukrainian diplomatic chief released a video showing, according to him, residents of Piloserka, located a few kilometers from Kherson, tearing down a poster announcing “Russia is always here”. Ukraine’s parliament, the Rada, has also released photos of civilians waving Ukrainian flags in Kherson. The Ukrainian army did not announce its entry into the city, the capital of the oblast of the same name. By early afternoon, the Russian Defense Ministry announced the end at 5 a.m. (3 a.m. in Paris). “Redistribution” Units from the right bank to the left bank of the Dnieper, where Kherson is located, confirm that they have not suffered any losses or abandoned military equipment.

On February 24, this major withdrawal was the third since the invasion began, Russia gave up in the spring, and in September almost all of Kharkiv in the north-east was abandoned.

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