Uncontrollable Rocket Falls to Earth: How China Forcefully Recovered Debris Found in the Philippines

One more chapter to this incredible story. However, it can have very serious consequences, especially in terms of international relations.

This Friday, November 4, A Chinese rocket It came back down to earth uncontrollably. Started few days back to deliver the last batch Chinese space station Tiangong, the rocket re-entered the atmosphere, a typical procedure for this type of rocket. However, no one, not even the Chinese, could predict where the debris would fall.

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A stunning comeback from Barcelona and not without consequence from the airPart of French airspace (Corsica) Had to swerve to avoid colliding with the rocket. Some debris was observed PhilippinesWithout causing harm.

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However, this Sunday, Pis Repetita, part of the debris from the famous Long March 5B rocket, was discovered in the Philippines. Filipino sailors found debris floating about 500 meters off the coast of Thitu Island in the middle of the South China Sea. Here are not one, not two, sailors left in the water to use ropes to pull up debris.

Thitu Island is located in the middle of the South China Sea.
Screenshot @googlemaps

Kamala Harris is in Manila

However, when they returned to the Philippine island, they noticed a Chinese coast guard boat heading towards them. The Guardian says. The Chinese cut the cable that helped the Philippines tow the debris to return what was left of the rocket home.

Yet according to The Guardian, “Monday’s incident is the latest flare-up in long-running territorial disputes along the strategic waterway involving China, the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei and Taiwan.”.

US Vice President Kamala Harris will visit Manila on Monday, as the Philippines remains a strategic ally of the US in Southeast Asia.

A Chinese coast guard vessel has been accused of “forcibly retrieving” floating material believed to be rocket debris from a Philippine ship in the South China Sea.https://t.co/7E7t0U4jwP

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