Ursula Von der Leyen: Why was the president of the European Commission implicated in political corruption in Bulgaria?

The name of European Commission President Ursula van der Leyen was mentioned during the “Let’s continue the transition” meeting of the Bulgarian political alliance, organized on Friday, May 26, in connection with Bulgaria’s accession to the Schengen area and the euro zone.

A note on the trick of sowing chaos. The name of Ursula van der Leyen is involved in a political affair in Bulgaria, on the sidelines of a meeting organized on May 26 in the presence of former Prime Minister Kirill Petkov and his party “Let’s continue the change”, reported the European. News and discussion site EURACTIV Bulgaria.

The partisan meeting will allow “Continue to Change” (PP, center) to sort out its strategy following its defeat in legislative elections against the opposition “Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria” (Zerb, right). One of the participants, a centrist MP in the case, Radostin Vasiliev, recorded the words of former Prime Minister Kirill Petkov without his knowledge.

The latter would have actually disclosed to his colleagues the content of his exchange with Ursula Von der Leyen, organized on Sunday, May 21, a week before the meeting. The European Commission has confirmed it will hold the interview, the body says, “dealing with Bulgaria’s agenda, in particular its entry into the Eurozone and the Schengen area”.

“You have to figure out how to get around the rules.”

In this recording, which Radostin Vassilev took and revealed to the press, former Prime Minister Kirill Petkov boasted that he had received a guarantee from Ursula van der Leyen.

“I asked him: What are our chances of being accepted? [dans l’espace Schengen et dans la zone euro]. She replied: “For Schengen, you have great opportunities. For the Eurozone, you have to figure out how to get around the rules. In other words, how you comply with the rules. I said to her, ‘Can you rate inflation with the effects of the war in Ukraine,’ and she told me, ‘Listen to me, we’ll try to help you,'” declared the former Bulgarian prime minister. Minister.

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Ursula van der Leyen would have taken her precautions and completed the exchange. “Don’t quote me, we’ll try to help you,” said Kirill Petkov.

Basic Agreements

The other notable feature heard in the recording, which totaled more than five hours, was the mention by PP leaders of a purge within staff close to President Rumen Rade from Jerb. The announcement by former Prime Minister Kirill Petkov drew a bombardment from “Let’s Continue Change” (PP) and “Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria” (Kerb). Government members.

Fed up with his party’s political management, MP Ratostin Vasiliev announced his resignation from the PP. Many of his former colleagues criticized him for recording the conversation and leaking it to the local press in an attempt to plunge the country into confusion and disappointment at not being selected as sports minister.

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